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And to Chathol-linn also, for her story How Legolas Proved his Bowmanship is listed there too. Happy Elf Smilie

And to sepdet whose poem The Darkening of Valinor also is listed. Happy Elf Smilie

I understand we can vote for our favorites; however, the site had technical dificulties today. The link is:

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I posted my congratulations under the Tolkien fanfic contest topic yesterday.
As did I Gnampie, but I'll say it again here too. When three postAuthorIDs from Planet Tolkien's Fan Fiction section manage to do this, it shows how great this site must really be. Sit up and watch, World. Planet Tolkien is the greatest. I

Well done Chathol-linn and Sepdet. Thanks for helping making this site what it is, and I wish you both the best of luck with the final voting.
The Awards Committee has posted the Mithril Awards!
Congratulations, winners!
Congratulations, Valedhelgwath for 2 honourable mentions and one runner up.

Congratulations to Sepdet for her commendation.

Congratulations to Chathol-linn for her commendation.

You all did exceptionally well against some very stiff competition.

I would also like to mention how much I enjoyed Nemis' work - The Tale of Elrond and Celebrian.
Well done Chathol-linn and Sepdet. Great stuff!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Congratulations to Sepdet, Chathol-linn, and Valedhelgwath for your artistic wordsmithing; it seems we aren't the only ones to enjoy your work. Well done you three. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Hello! I have to admit, when I saw that "Watcher in the Water" was entered in the "Best Action/Adventure" category, I knew fear and trembling, because it is a terrific story. Dumped me in Middle Earth more realistically than anything I can remember. Nobody writes better about Dwarves IMHO than Valedhelgwath.

Also - is it just me, or does anyone else prefer action to introspection? Been seeing a lot of first person singular angst stories lately.

Also - if you have not read "Last Elf Standing" - the winner of the Humor category - please do so. It deserved the win.

Congrats, Sepdet! Beautiful wordsmithing, as Grond pointed out.

PT, we love you! - Chathol-linn
I'm sorry it finished up competing with your own story, Chathol, particularly as it seems yours would have taken the runners-up spot if it hadn't been there. In my opinion, your Legolas tale is far better than my dwarven one (in fact I've never really been fully happy with Watcher. I quickly wrote it as an appendix to the Balin's Folly story, and was never really happy with the ending).

It's funny though how these pieces of fan fiction take on a life of their own after while. When I think of Legolas now days, I invariably think of the pieces you have written. To me, they have more insight into Legolas's life than what Tolkien included in his own works. From your writing, I can see Legolas having a history and a childhood that JRR never told us about.

I hope next year if I manage to come runner-up again, I will be able to congratulate you for pipping me to the winner's post. Please let's have some more soon.