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Perhaps you could tell us a little more of what you have in mind, Haldir. What setting? Time? Level of technology? Main character? Races? Culture? Laws?

I think you need a general idea of this kind of thing before you start.
So Angry Smilie I don't plan on writing a novel So Angry Smilie
So Angry Smilie I don't plan on writing a novel So Angry Smilie
Nevertheless, you still need to have a setting in mind unless you are playing improv. You need to have the right setting for any story to work or do you merely want:
Boy meets girl; boy likes girl; girl thinks boy should grow up and act his age; and boy goes on to do so, saving the world from invasion from space invaders; however, girl still thinks boy is a jerk.
As Allyssa said, it all depends what you have in mind. I also hope your above quote was meant to be a joke and think that Animated Wink Smilie smilies would have put a nicer point on it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Some of the best fantasy/SF stories did not start from cold calculated construction of a plot, but from a single flash of imagination, a captivating image. Narnia stories of C.S. Lewis started from an image of a faun with a parcel and snow whirling in the light of the lantern. JRRT wrote the opening sentence of The Hobbit without even knowing who was the hobbit who lived in the hole. The same sort of sudden mysterious inspiration happened to him also when he wrote the sentence "The Eagles of the Lords of the West are coming upon Numenor". I am often having such sudden flashes of inspiration which leave me, dazzled, to discover their true meaning and to fit them into the rest of my imaginary world. My advice is, relax and seek for images in your brain! They will come, and they may prove the seed from which your story will grow!
Eryan's response is much better than mine. What I wrote was more for someone who didn't have a muse and thus no clue about what story was waiting in their pen, chomping at the bit, trying to get out onto the page.
Thank you, Eryan, for putting it niceley Wink Smilie I have decided that my next story will be based on the videogame Devil May Cry For Playstation 2 Very Big Grin Smilie But thank you all for your imput Big Smile Smilie