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Welcome to our forum Randir. Happy Elf Smilie

I was just wondering if anyone here knew elvish or wrote elvish poetry. I've found some wonderful works on other sites.
I don't beleive so, but you could check out our Quenya Guild in case any accidently got posted there.

Oh, I found some in The Quenya Game under The Ivy Bush Tavern. Cool Elf Smilie

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Yes, I've done two in the Quenya Game, one good and one not so good.
Hannon le! I'll have to take a look! Smile Smilie
I've been translating some of my poems about elvs into Quenya and Sindarin with a help of a friend,maybe when I finish I can show it to you'all?
Atleast I think that that would be very cool Fea! Cool Smilie