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That's a nice piece of descriptive work, EvithianEhtmire. It conjures a lot of images. I'd like to see more. There are one or two spellings that have slipped past you, but that happens to us all at times.

Keep going.
Very interesting, EvithianEhtmire. I think it possibly falls into the realm of Magic Realism. I would like to read more.


by Laura Soto

Lorhie stared at me as if to ask what.

"Let me explain" I began "You wrote and made us up. We became real in your mind. And yes this is a dream, but then again no. The world of dreams is a strange one. This is a world. It will only hold you captive for half an hour in your time but it could last forever here. Your world will not move on until you awake from this dream. You must live a lifetime here, you cannot die of murder, though you can be wounded, you must have relationships, but you dont have to marry. If you cannot survive your world, this one you made up, you cannot survive in any."

I then, after saying this turned to go, but how could a child of merely 13 make it? I could watch and give my advice when most needed. Yes that is what Id do. I had seen to many suffer and over time be consumed by the is world I call home. I had to help Lorhie conquer it. Someone had to. So now as Lorhie walk off into the now setting sun I followed. She did not know her own strengths within the written.

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