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Whilst jumping for joy
My foot slipped on the ledge and
Down Mt. Doom I fell
*counts on fingers Eric Cartman style*
Sam is an A**ehole
I think he is a stupid
idiot I do
Sams revenge:

I got a blowtorch
to melt a plastic squirrel
now he is just goo

and on a nicer note
Sam's haiku:

I don't know much about
rings, magic things or destiny
I'm a gardener

ROFL! Good comeback Smile Smilie
People think I'm mean
To that nasty sneak Gollum
And yes I agree

But don't get me wrong
When Frodo is not looking
Gollum gets a kiss
And one for my girl...

For his blue eyes, I’d
gladly use my sword on that
little tramp Arwen.

Wink Smilie
If sb tells me the rules, I'll be glad to join in. How do you make a Haiku?

Sure, the Japanese use 5 syllables for the first line, 7 in the second and back to 5 in the last line - hence faye's 5-7-5 rule mentioned earlier. Like this:

Hey cool! Good one, btw!

I wear a blue coat
with a feather and yellow boots
run when you meet me

sth like that?
Yes you have got it
Though second line needs seven
Not eight syllables

Smile Smilie
I wear a blue coat,
hat with feather, yellow boots;
run when you meet me.
This alteration should now fit Tommy's clothes horse. Smile Smilie
Gosh! Thanks! Must have lost my count... :P
short stature
drunken disposition
fear the ax
Courtman: You almost have it; remember 5, 7, 5 syllables. Smile Smilie
Try changing it to something like:
She's short in stature
of drunken disposition
warning, fear her axe!
Big Smile Smilie

You can substitute pronouns if you like. "I'm", "He's", and "They're" all work, except I'm not sure if it should be "their axe", as each probably carries one, and "axes" makes too many syllables. The double "there" homonym sound also makes me uneasy. I also don't know if punctuation is allowed, probably not in the original language, but it works in English. Besides that, I'm still a learner who knows nothing.

[Edited on 27/4/2002 by Grondmaster]
Bombadillo's gone
from living memory now.
Poor Bombadillo

Sorry Tom. No hard feelings meant. Just couldn't figure out how many syllables in Valedhelgwath
Nothing to tell you
So I will write this instead:
this day is boring!

Well is this a haiku or not????
Yes I'd say it is
definitely a haiku
nice one Eryan
hey grond actually and 1-2-1 pattern works mine was 3-6-2 as long as the hiaku is simplisticy worded then its a hiaku, when hiakus were first translated from Japanese it was though that it had to be one certain pattern which was later proven to be wrong
Okay Courtman14. If that is the current unalterable concept of hiaku, I can live with it.
I now find I must unlearn something old every day. Dunce Smilie

There was a squirrel
His body was of plastic
but his eyes were true

Do you like THIS ONE Plastic?!!!
Eryan, I like this one.
I will try to make one to follow yours.

Eyes can say a lot
Eyes, the mirrors of the soul
let their glance be warm
That's a nice Haiku
But I'm afraid to say that,
I have lying eyes.

S'true I'm afraid...
Yours eyes are lying
Some other eyes are standing
My eyes are sitting
Have you got a light
Mac? No but I have got a
Dark Brown Overcoat

Well, if we're doing puns.....
Hey, I made a haiku about us!

We are the Writers!
Our joy is Subcreation.
We are the Makers!

Very good; how about this?

Writers using words
Fill stories with ideas
Readers bring to life

Feel free to improve on the above. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 11/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
Okay, I can live without the 5, 7, 5 syllable rule; however, a 22 syllable haiku is probably stretching the envelope. Tongue Smilie

Then again, who am I to question the system. Question Smilie Sad Smilie

I thought I heard the forlorn cry of one oft called Gollum taking the plunge into a new life style?

[Edited on 22/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
I signed on as a reader because my writing is limited to technical and business writing which lacks pizzaz. When I was in school poetry gave me nightmares, still does! But, hey, why not give this one a try.....
LOTR Haiku

Not allegory;
Where is the ’Ring’ in our world?
Who is ’Ringbearer’?
Read Smilie

ps: I am a little behind on my reading but I will get back to it, vacation starts in 2 weeks!

Hi Rednell

Ring is selfishness.
Ringbearer is each of us:
Elf, Man, Beast, and Plant.
Okay, I can live without the 5, 7, 5 syllable rule; however, a 22 syllable haiku is probably stretching the envelope.
And about Tuesday's 22 word haiku there can be no doubt. That pig can't fly, won't fit the mold no way, no how. It doesn't look like a duck, walk like a duck, smell like a duck, taste like a duck, and especially doesn't sound like a duck; therefore it isn't a duck. Tongue Smilie Put it in the Poetry Section. Smile Smilie
I kinda liked it tuesday. Smile Smilie

If only I knew something about poetry I might be able to comment constructively. But since I dont, I wont.
As a wise man once said, "A little knowledge can be dangerous." And acknowledging that I have become too dangerous, due to my limited knowledge of haiku, the following is in order:

Be it announced that Grondy has hereby resigned from the self-appointed position of "Haiku Critic". I am humbly accepting my place among the learners. Smile Smilie
Moonlight on the path
Elves jouneying to the sea
Sadness in their wake