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once upon a time
so very long ago
lived girl but in her youth
whose eyes a teasure showed.

she dreampt with soul and heart
and bade all leave her be
for she wished to live alone
till hers eyes did set on he.

then her heart of stone did break
for now she was in love
every day she felt so blessed
so lifted high above.

And she was so deep in love
She feared not death of heart
So she simpley declared her love
And from love he part.

Saying love is folly
And why not live alone?
She alas was stuck so deep
With words so hurtful stone.

And so she wandered crying tears
She later did regret
Why did he matter so?
Because on him dreams were set.

Years aplenty wore her soul
Yet they did not touch her heart
She was still so deep in love
And would not from him part.

And finally one day he came
Still a lad, deep down
And when the two did meet agian
She now wore the frown.

He bent down on his knee
And begged to be her own
But her heart had grown so much
And now would leave him lone.

But as she stared into his eyes
She saw that he was changed
He not so much a boy
And muturity had ranged.

Love she answered full of heart
I was always yours
Even though you left me here
To go to other shores...

by laura catherine soto
i will add more to this story/poem l8er, g2g