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Hey everyone!! I posted this in the roleplaying, but got no bites whatsoever. Thought I'd try the hub where all the writers are. This ongoing story has a set of rules, though.

1. No more than 75 words.
2. You must mention Asnia at least once in your post.
3. You cannot contradict something someone else has written.
4. Leave it at a cliff-hanging spot.
5. Be creative!!! Be silly and stupid and go with it!!!

Asnia looked back again and again but still could see no one. Why was her neck hair prickling like that? The bow she carried was gripped tightly, her free hand twitching. All signs of her intution telling her something, but what? Her pointed ears flicked towards a sound in the brush. There! She crept to the low hedge just as....

Is there any reason we must mention "Asnia" in each and every post?
Sorry - didn't clarify enough. You don't have to say her name each time, just make sure she's somewhere in the post. It just makes sure that the story stays focused on the main character and she isn't forgotten. That way, you're constantly having to think up something new that no one else has. enomous black wolf leapt over it, landing with fangs bared in the exact spot Asnia had just been standing in. The creature's hackles raised and saliva dripped from it's cavernous mouth. But instead of attacking, to Asnia's surprise, it began to speak...

(how's that?) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
(Great Allyssa! Big Smile Smilie )

"Your journey has been long and full of great danger, has it not?"
Asnia eyed the gigantic creature, not sure if this was a distraction or a revelation. But her danger sense was gone, replaced by a feeling of familiararity.
"It has," she whispered. The wolf seemed to grow and suddenly the wolf was her whole world. She was brought to her knees by the power surging from it, engulfing her, forcing her to listen and heed every word flowing from its mouth...or was it telepathic?
The wolf nodded its great head. "You have been chosen for a great quest."
"Why me?"
"You are the last of a forgotten race, the only one to preserve your people's blood and dreams..."

Dissolved into the air, leaving Asnia to stare in shock at the empty space in front of her and wonder at the sudden pull of her feet towards the river...
...a water nymph rising out of the water a few feet away.
"Help! You must help me, please!" Asnia was crying out to the nymph, but it seemed that the nymph couldn't hear her cries. As Asnia was about to give up another nymph came above the water just a few feet away from her. This time she yelled with everything within her, "Help me!!" She screamed. The nymph turned around and looked surprised to see Asnia there flooting in the water. The nymph, who was named Gilwen, swam over to her and started to speak like nothing was wrong, "Are you Human? What are you doing here? How did you get here?" the nymph stop a moment and looked at Asnia. Asnia was near tears, she tried to speak calmly to the nyph, "I, I need to get out of the water can you help me?" Gliwen looked puzzled "Why do you need to get out of the water its perfect today!? Not to cold and not to hot." Asnia was losing her strangth. And every time she tried to swim she would sink futher into the water.

(Sorry if I went over bored, but I was on a roll)
The nymph wrapped her long flowy hair and her lank arms around Asnia, and whispered in her ear: relax my child, relax... Immediately Asnia felt her sense of panic gone, she felt as though she was standing on solid ground rather than treading in the bitter water. She slowly faded out, and before she knew it she was asleep. She woke up later, in what seemed to be a cave. She heard a strange noise behind her, so she turned and saw...