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please tell me if you read a book with rocks heavily involved in the plot !PLEASE!
beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep! Hello? Is this the funny farm? Oh. Well, this freak obssessed with rocks is on the loose at Really? Oh, okay. Alright, I won't approach them. Give it some rocks to keep it happy? Okay.

Well, in that weird David Eddings book they walk up this mountain and use their magic powers to deflect boulders coming down the path and then Belgarath (I think that's his name) gets really wasted, and whatsisname and thingy have to help him.
you have my eternal wrath fer that little comment!

but i can now be certain that i wont break any copyright laws!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

and im obsessed with swords which is steel not rocks!hahahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

you read some messed up books!(and im not a freak im a lunatic!)
I hope this is all in fun, people! Big Smile Smilie

As for a novel with rocks in the plot....I have no idea, unless it was The Neverending Story, which had a Rockbiter in it.
Pratchett wrote a discworld novel about music with rocks in.

well so far i havnt found a book involving rocks in the same way as mine so im gonna assume i wont break copywrite laws
Have you tried the Rocky films? *giggles*
hahahaha-ha. that was irrelvant and random,good job.
I think that if someone else had written a story with rocks being important to the plot, it would be unlikely to be a breach of copyright unless you started using similar characters and places. It all depends, of course. (I am not a lawyer, btw.)Co-incidences of plot have happened before. Even JK Rowling had several little known authors claim to have 'invented' Harry Potter and the Muggles first.

I wouldn't be too concerned, Ar-edain37. Your own work will naturally be different from anyone elses, because every author has his own individual 'voice'. Plagiarism has to be deliberate and is difficult to prove in any case.
yeah,i have to alter my plot completely,its hard to get 1 thats anygood without ripping off Tolkien,and i really dont wanna do that in any way,shape,or form(good luck with ur writing)
Have you tried the Rocky films? *giggles*

Ooo! I think that guy is kinda cute (sh! Don't tell Johnny Depp I said that!)

About rocks being major elements to a book, I can't think of anything unless, like Allyssa said, you think of the Rockbiter or Bible stories, where David kills Goliath with a rock and such.

’Hands a rock to the erm... "lunatic" and slowly backs away’ Wink Smilie
wud yall shut-up bout me bein obsessed with rocks, it just happens that a rock with some unintelligible writing on it has a large roll in my book,if u want i can give a complete background on its relevance and why the person in my book that finds the rock takes it instead of at least 5 other people in the book!besides rocks were the only non-LOTR ripoff i could come up with in the week i spent thinking the plot details up,along with a background,a beginning,and i still need at least 6 languages by the time i get 2 ch.6,thanks fer the help though,most of my "friends" wont help cause they dont think i can write a decent book,the people that have read some of my writing think i can probly get it published,i dont think its near Tolkien or Lewis though,maybe Rowling,lol
dont answer my question about rocks i changed my plot to something more unusual