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Since the Straight Road story is getting pretty heavy and complex, I thought that I would post a different kind of challenge. I always feel it's good training for the writer to try something different!

So this is it, the challenge is to write a short story of exactly 50 words (excluding title). The best 50-worders don't have a twist ending (although this is allowed) but actually leave part of the story untold for the reader to fill in. Sound easy? Not so! But it's a lot of fun just the same.Here is my effort:

Symphony of Fifty Words

Red. They’ve been red for ages. So long that she could have read New Idea while she was waiting - about ten minutes.
Green. Finally.
Horns start sounding. It’s a symphony. She listens. She doesn’t move. The symphony is so beautiful. She wishes she had a tape-recorder. It’s inspiring.
Hmmmmm..... not easy at all...... tell you what - you give us a title and I'll have a bash.

Wiggle Smilie

I need a starting point so if Allyssa isn't around someone else suggest a title. Then we can see what we come up with.....
I need a starting point so if Allyssa isn't around someone else suggest a title. Then we can see what we come up with.....

Something Happened On the Way to Michel Delving by The Honorable Samwise Gamgee, Mayor of the Shire, Proud Father of Many, Holder of the 'Star of the Dunedain', Longtime Elf-friend, Heir of Frodo Baggins, One-time Ringbearer, and 'He of the Green Thumb'.
The Barrowdowns

I am death. My touch the chill of the grave, my bones almost as old as the hills. Watching. Listening. Stalking the clammy mists to grip my terrible grasp around your warm throat. And then that song. The rhythems of life pierce my soul. It is Bombadil. I am gone
Great - I can just sit back and read everyone elses....... hee hee......

Good idea - Toliken based.... maybe take a chapter title.....

Ooooo - good idea, Allyssa!

I need time to plot and think, however, so I'll just find a seat by Vee...*nudges Vee* Got any popcorn while you're watching the stories pop up? Wink Smilie
Pop-ups! On PT! Noooooooo!

I am having trouble thinking of stories. The format screams poetry to me. I am reading them like poems........ can't...... quite..... oh what the heck....... more popcorn?

If God Were a Writer

Empty of words and ideas I sit listening to time tick away. I wait. Nothing comes to me. I yawn. It is late and all worlds sleep. My unborn universe waits while I amble between coffee and cigarettes. Noises invade and memories stir. I cannot lose them again; my children.

It still reads more like a poem........ I can't get the story thing right. And the title isn't quite right. Help!
The Grey Havens

Soaring on straight, white wings, racing the foam of a rolling wave, a gull's shrill cry calls to me. My heart yearns for the breakers and what lies beyond the grey-blue waters. Stout timbers and sails of cloth wait to bear me home. Tol Eressea, I am coming soon.
here is my first attempt, hope I got the idea of this thread right


Fragrant flowers and cascading water lulls the senses into forgetting the outside world. Such a peaceful valley, hidden from the evil and suffering of the outside world. Yet there is more to this place than first meets the eye. Imladrius, tell us of your people and their secret ways.