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this is another story thread.only it has only one main character,this might be more of a game than something needing to be in the writers guild so im sorry if its in the wrong place.and anyonecan type parts of the story as long as there post is SENSIBLE and doesnt make the character do anything pointless,like put his socks over his ears and scream IN THE BEGINNING THE ITALIAN CHEFS CREATED PIZZAS ALL ACROSS THE GREAT PLAINS!(yes im creating another fairly sensible thread,i must be getting very bored lately)feel free to create a character to interact with the main one for a short time and a back-up character may return but should not be made into a main part of the story as a whole

this story takes place in a land that is not in Middle-Earth and we will create a landscape as we go so feel free to make up names and places and history for the story

the characters name is Aelk pronounced A-l-keh (i hope that dont meen anything in another language)its a he and a human (feel free to use anything as enemys or friends but skeletons vampires and werewolves.
Aelk sat by a small campfire with his horse Wersk grazing nearby.His only other companions were his sword Gorn,cold flame in the Gnomish tongue, the hard ground, and the icey wind blowing across the frigid,sparse plain.It was dusk he heard wolves growling in the distance and grinned remembering all the hardships he had made it through,if only by so much,in his young life.He was no older than 22,no younger than 19.He didnt know his age,his homeland,his parents,and never kept friends because of his travels.The traveller was searching for something,a purpose.So far his life goal had always been surviving the next day,and that wasnt good enough.Aelk had always wanted a life with people around,maybe a farm or a shop.

His sword he had found as a boy.Aelk had been wondering around a green hilly region and found a dead knight in armor lying next to a blood smeared sword,and by the knight were shattered spears, chipped swords, cloven shields,and corpses.The bodies were similarly armored as the knight but with a different insignia on their armor.The knight had a boar charging a bear on his shield,a broken piece of wood and iron.The corpses insgnia was a dagger plunged into the back of a bear.So the young boy took the sword and its belt and scabbard,Along with a fairly intact shield.
He had been wandering ever since.
He watched the sky darken and, as he often did, he looked for the night lights appearing. The first and brightest to be seen he had named 'Eye of Night' for it seemed to him that it kept watch over the land. Only the blackest clouds could dim its light.

For a moment the howling stopped. All he could hear was the grass rustling in the wind, as it should be here in the wild plains. Then something made him tense, he reached for his sword. He heard it again, the faint sound of soft boots scraping on the ground. Something or someone was crawling towards him.

I think it fits in the Writer's Guild. Can I suggest that any comments/suggestions/non-story bits are put in italics like this to keep them apart from the main story. Helps stop confusion.
good idea vee

"I know that walk!"he thought.Without even turning his head he identified the approaching person,"Hello Nirovinna,what brings so far into the plain my good elf?"
"Greetings Aelk,"the elf drew himself to his full height,"i thought it might have been you,but you if anyone knows the dangers of travelling in this land.Why are you north of the river?It is no less dangerous for you than me,the elf folded his cloak aside to show the hilt of a curved sword.As for why I am here,it involves you greatly! Do you remember two years ago when you joined with my people and fought the warlord Stalsh?"
Aelk nodded."I was given a scar from a sword wound on my shoulder to remember it by,"the young traveller replied.
"We never got to Stalsh himself though,"the elf began sadly,"He has returned with an army from the East Hills.He now has in his service not only orcs and men,but elves,dwarves,and gnomes.Thousands of soldiers in all.
Aelk stood up in alarm,"Gnomes! Does this mean he has killed Saral and Tinakl?"Aelk shouted.
Nirovinna hung his head gravely,"Tenakl has been killed. Many of his people are seeking refuge in our mountain hold,many have joined the Fell Hoard as we have named Stalsh's army.
"And Saral?"asked Aelk fearing the worst.Both these were Gnomish chieftans who were good friends of the traveller.
"He has joined with our enemy,"anger and sorrow blended in the elfs voice.
Aelk was amazed. "But he couldn't! He wouldn't!"
"he did."
"Ah." But he couldn't say anything, for the elf he was talking to was suddenly shot in the back by an unknown assailant. Aelk raised his shield, and looked through the trees, turning round and round trying to see the elf's murderer.
Aelk bent down to examine his friends body,but found the elf had the man charged toward the direction the shot had come from to find a man reloading a crossbow in the cover of a pit surrounded by tall weeds.Aelk new the next bolt was for him.The traveller drew his sword and slashed threw the cross bow the man had held up for protection and beheaded the killer.
"i must bury Nirovinna ,"he thought,"his murderer can be food for the creatuers of this sad land!"

So the young traveller buried his friend with a wooden marker,Aelk had sacrifised his shield for this,that read:HERE RESTS FOREVER A BRAVE,KIND ELF I WAS PROUD TO CALL MY FRIEND.HIS NAME IS Nirovinna of Elfwood-written by Aelk.
The dark haired man looked around and memorized his surroundings so he could return and put up a permanent grave mark.

Aelk mounted his horse and rode south until he was insight of the mountains.
loni can you delete the part of your post about the trees,im not trying to critisize you but aelk is in a stretch of open land that goes on for miles right now
thank you loni