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This thread is only for information and queries regarding the Fan Writings Forum.
Please do not post any submissions for competitions or comments about other writing threads. If you wish to post a piece of work for comment and criticism by members please post it in an appropriate thread within the Writers' Guild.

Submissions for the Fan Writing Forum must be the author's own work and must conform to the Planet-Tolkien Family Friendly guidelines. Inappropriate posts will not be considered.

Please see Val's post below for more details.

This thread will remain locked until The Council decide to proceed.
Allyssa, who normally recieves the submissions, has been rather busy of late. If you have a short story you feel is of a sufficient standard to be included in the Fan Writing section and you would like to have it included on there, for the time being instead of sending it to Allyssa, could you please send it to the Council at....

As with Allyssa, I shall forward the submission to a panel of judges who shall between them decide if the story is appropriate for inclusion in the Fan Writing section. Please note, this applies only to submissions for the Fan Writing section. If you have a story you would like others to read and comment on, but do not want including in the Fan Writing section, feel free to start a thread within the guild.

At some stage I shall also be resurrecting the old Readers Group in which stories are circulated between a mailing list of fellow Writers/Readers. If you are interested in joining such a group, keep your eyes out for the relevent thread in the coming week or so.

If anyone would like to be included on the list of potential judges from which the Fan Writing panel is chosen, could you let me know either by PM or email.
Just a quick update. A question was raised in one of the taverns today, asking what standards we work to when deciding whether a submission is acceptable to be included in the fan fiction section. Generally we work to the following guidelines.

1) There must be a link to Tolkien's works
2) Submissions must conform to our Family Friendly rules (ie. no swearing, sexual content etc)
3) Must be written in English
4) Must be of a good grammatical standard
5) The stories content should be of a high standard too.
6) As of yet we have not placed an upper limit on the length of stories, but as a rule of thumb, I'd suggest no more than 15,000 words. Longer submissions should perhaps be broken down into shorter chapters.

In the post above, I also mentioned a Reading Group. I now have a short mailing list of members, but as of yet the group is still small and still waiting for the first material to be circulated. If any of you budding writers would like to share your material with others please feel free to join in. This group is not limited to entire stories. Material can be anything.... short stories, poems, even a few paragraphs of prose that you are working on. If you would like to join in, either post your email contact in the Reading Group Revisited thread, or send it to me direct either via email or PM.