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One of the old features of the Writer's Guild, which sadly seems to have died of late, was a mailing list of voluntary Readers. Basically, it was comprised of people who enjoyed reading the stories others in the group had written, and perhaps commenting briefly on them. At its peak a couple of years ago, around fourty people were part of the group, and it gave budding writers within the group the opportunity to air their stories and poems to a group of like minded readers.

If there is sufficient interest, I would like to resurrect this group. If anyone is interested in joining in either as a reader or writer, please let me know. In the past volunteers just posted their nickname and email address below, but for security reasons we found some of the younger members were reluctant to post their email addresses in public. If you wish to join this group, therefore, either post your details below, or PM them to me. I can then build a mailing list to send any stories to. I am particularly interested in attracting writers to this group too, so if you feel you are a budding writer, and would like others to read your work, please don't be shy about joining in.
I would love to read some of the stories! Smile Smilie And maybe (eventually) I will contribute some of my stories, but I doubt it.. My email address:
I can't wait. Smile Smilie
I love reading stories and commenting ont hem, and occasionally I write one myself. But just occasionally.
I'll make sure the pair of you are put on the mailing list. I'm away on holiday for a week after today but once I get back I'll try to get a few things organised.
I will join as an occasional writer. I can always do with some more feedback. I assume that the material does not necessarily have to be Fantasy or Tolkien related?
Sing me up too. Reading is fun. Maybe reading a few stories and learning how to improve them might inspire me to write on my own. Smile Smilie
Sing me up too

Do you have a tune in mind?

We could form a choir...... sing me up as well, please.

Wiggle Smilie
Well I sing a lot more than I write so it does fit. And it is good that people get to know in advance what kind of comment we can expect form you if we send in a piece we have written. Very Evil Smilie Feeling bad yet Vee? Wink Smilie
Me, feel bad? No way! I just love your typos.

Hmmmm anyone reading this might get the wrong impression. Sorry - this is just the V_goddesses enjoying a little banter...... We love each other really. And for anyone concerned - I accept that English is not the first language for a lot of people here and I have incredible respect and admiration for those people. I am ashamed to say that like so many UKers I don't speak your languages as well as you speak mine. So please, don't let language put you off writing.

(But Amarie is still queen of typos........ hehehehehe!)

Wiggle Smilie
Hahaha! I was just typing the same thing Vee said (on the page before) about V-goddesses and Queen of Typos! I just thought I should refresh the page before I posted. Good thing I did. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Great goddesses thinks alike. Wink Smilie

Now come on and join! You know you want to!
Free stories and poems straight to your e-mail inbox for you to read, enjoy and comment as well as comments and help on your own works, perfect if you are a bit shy of posting and/or you want to make sure you get honest replies.
I think this is a wonderful idea. More people should join in. I myself have.

BTW, Amie, great godesses *think* alike! (Hehe, just being a nerd!! Teacher Smilie lol!!)
Pah! I can sound like Gollum if I wantssssssss to!
And you are not Vee so you are not allowed to tease me. It will only spread and you'll all make fun of me in public and I'll begin to cry and I would be forced to delete you all. I'm a very sensitive Goddess you see. Wink Smilie And what kind of Typo Queen would I be if I didn't carry my typos with pride? All you people with fingers which get a life of their own and don't obey the brain, UNITE!!!!

*cough* Another rant from me, also quite usual... Umm... yes... Reading Groupe! Join! Fun!
I'll join up too, as a reader. Mail to:

Big Smile Smilie
Welcome on board, Gildor inglorion. I'll add you to the mailing list.

Like I mentioned earlier, things are likely to be fairly quiet at first because with so few members, not a lot will be written. Who knows, though? One day you might open your email to an unexpected masterpiece of literature written by one of your fellow members.

If anyone has a piece of writing, prose or poetry, that they would like to share with members of this group send it to with your details and I will circulate it around the group.
Aye! Sign me up as well! I would love to get feedback on my stories and if others would like it as well, I will do the same! Great initiative!

e-mail addy:
Hi Rhapsody, welcome to Planet Tolkien and this group. It will be great to have someone circulating some of their writing. As we're only just getting going at the moment, no one has so far tested the waters by sending anything in.

I look forward to receiving anything you might like to share with us.
Mee too! Me too! not all dwarfs are just interested in stone and jewels. (although I am quite greedy for pseudo-Silmarils, just ask Grondy). ('Tis the name of my great big black flemish giant wabbit, whom I love, cause some dwarfs love their pets as well as gold and that.) I can't wait! Get writing, everybody! On your marks, get set go! I've already started.
Hang on a sec!! This thing is up and running then? Hmm, nice, watch out. I might bump in on your inbox!!
Is it just for stories or can people submit essays on Tolkien as well?

Not that I am likely to write anything like that but the question has been asked......

I would like to sign up for this - you know my email Val. I may not write anything but I would enjoy reading it and commenting.

The idea of the group is to share any form of writing that any of us write. It can be short stories, poetry, biographical essays, dialogue... anything you think the others might be interested in reading. Although we are all gathered here because this is a Tolkien site, I don't see why this group should be limited to just Tolkien either.

As a writer it is a way of sharing compositions with like minded people and getting a bit of feedback. For others who just like reading, it is the opportunity to read new material, and to talk with the author if they so wish about those stories. If by being part of such a group someone is tempted to begin writing themselves, so much the better.
Practical question Valedhelgwath: how do you want to receive the stories? In a word document? By means of an url, copy and paste in an e-mail? Please let me know and if you have your answer, expect a scroll containing a short story soonish after that.
Thank you Val. That's really cool. And about the format of the document to be sent, if I write something, I'll be sending it in PDF format for Arcobat Reader 5 or more. Is that ok? Most people have Acrobat Reader installed I think.
What I normally do myself is send a Word document as an attachment. I think I have acrobat installed on this machine (although I lost a lot of my programs when a virus destroyed my motherboard a few months ago).

I look forward to receiving, and distributing, material from both of you. The Reading Group could be in business Big Smile Smilie
So, it's begun. Thank you Rhaps for kicking things off.

I've got a suggestion here. Please mention something that might make it easier to know that it's a reading group email, in the subject. I was nearly going to delete the first one, thinking that it was spam. Luckily I asked who Ron Jessop is in the chat room!! Maybe, Val, you could set the sender name to Val!! I don't know most peoples' real names here.

Another thing. When you send in a story, please mention it here in this thread. It'd help, if someone doesn't get the email for some reason. (Pah!! I never get the emails V sends me!!)

Also, it's better to keep a datewise log of all the material that'll get circulated. A database would be good. I can help with this part.

Also, if possible, it's better if the author writes a brief intro in the body of the email, about what exactly the material is about and its type. I mean, is it a story and essay, whatever. That would be very helpful.

I hope I'm not asking too much here. Anyways, I'm pleased to see this thing kick off.

Oh, and btw, how are we suppose to send in our comments or feedback? By replying to the original email? If that's the case, I think it's better to mention the name of the story in the subject line of the email. That'll help avoid confusion in the future.
OMG!! See!! I received the the email with the actual story first and then the intro email!! This leaves my previous post totally useless!!! Oh well, it isn't bad to make suggestions, though some have already been implimented already!!

I think Val should post here about the email he sends in and in which order he sends them!!

I got them in the right order... so eum..

Anyway, it has been my pleasure to be the first. I hope it was readable.
It suddenly got busy Big Smile Smilie

I'll take some of your ideas on board Floyd.
Replying to the sender of the post, with cc's to other members of the group seems to work. I've already sent a post off this evening, so Reading Group might not be obvious in the title.
I'll read some stories, and i'll post some of mine, as soon as I get around to finishing them.
My addy is:

Big Smile Smilie
Hi Arwen, pleased to have you on board. I've added you to the group mailing list.

Just to remind people that it exists.... members or not!! Wink Smilie
And we've some wonderful Orcish Tales written by Vee to be read and discussed. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yes, I've only had comments from Floyd and Jess so far. Minor alterations and additions have been made since I submitted chapter 2; chapter 3 is written but needs more work and I have ideas for further chapters. Even chapter 1 is still being tweaked. So come on Reading Group - get reading and commenting please.

BTW maybe the group's name should be changed to Writers' Reading Group to make it clear that it is about writing and reading - someone commented in chat about thinking it was just reading. I gather it wasn't clear that it is members' writings we read.
BTW maybe the group's name should be changed to Writers' Reading Group

In that case call it "The Writing and Reading club". I wish I cold join too but the thing is I don't have enough time once I go back to my studies! *sniff*
I would like to join, is this thing done by e-mail?
It is. If you pm Valedhelgwath with your email address and say you would like to join he will add you to the list.

Welcome aboard!
I would like to join, is this thing done by e-mail?

Send me a mail at and I'll add you to the mailing list Haldir.
It's been awfully quiet in this groups for a while now. I have a new bunny for my story Abrecan, so Val, if you are willing?
Yes, by all means Rhapsody. Please send it to us.
I know it's been a long time but, if the mailing list is still open, I would love to join!
Yes. Of course it's open! Welcome Smile Smilie
Hi Anatea(seajewel). If you wish to join, send me a PM with your email addy and I'll add you to the mailing list.

Does it have to be strictly Tolkien then? Because as much as I write, I don't really focus on fan fiction... I mean, looking for feedback nowadays is almost comparable to a shot in the head, so yeah, if this group is allowed to deviate out of the Tolkien genre, then I'd definitely like to be apart of it...

I don't know if this group is still going, but if it is, I'd like to join as a reader, and an occasional writer.