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Looking through the numerous RPG and storyboard threads we have scattered around the site, there are several talented writers who frequent Planet Tolkien. We are, therefore, launching a writing competition, which if successful will become a regular occurrence. Although later competitions will be open to poetry, this one shall be limited to short stories written in prose. Although the story may contain recognised or invented characters, we ask that there is some sort of link to Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The winner shall be chosen from a panel of five non-Council Member judges, and will receive a digital certificate, and their story will be placed in the Fan Writing section for all to see. Other entrants of sufficient quality may be chosen to be placed in the Fan Writing section too.

For those of you interested in entering this competition, please read the following rules.

1) Stories must be in the region of 3,000 - 8,000 words.

2) This competition is limited to prose only. There will be future competitions for other forms of composition.

3) Stories must have a Tolkien/Middle Earth link although the writer may use their own discretion how closely their composition follows the Tolkien canon.

4) All entries must be recently written rather than archive material and must not have been published elsewhere or entered for any other competition on this or any other site.

5) Submissions must be submitter's own work.

6) Stories must be in English, although for members whose first language is not English this will be taken into account.

7) Entries must be received by Midnight GMT, December 1st 2004. The winner will be selected by Christmas 2004.

8) The winning entry will be posted on the Frontpage of and added to our Fan Fiction section. The winner shall also receive a digital certificate.

9) As Planet-Tolkien is recognized as a Family Friendly site, we ask that entries adhere to the site's rules concerning profanity and sexually explicit language.

10) The judges’ decision is final.

Please email your entries to

If you have any comments or queries concerning this competition, please raise them in the accompanying thread, "Writing Competition FAQ" (Click here).