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When I read Bugy and Floyd_n_milan(aka Migsy)'s journal entries I had an idea! Dialogue - nothing more, nothing less. I have reposted their journal entries with their permission. And I found an old sketch I had written some years ago - not very good but it is a bit of dialogue.

So, try and write something using only dialogue.

Chronicles of a mind
Author - Floyd_n_milan
Written on - Thursday 30th September 2004 (09:12pm)

30th September 2004, 13:00 hours

"Aaaah, it was a nice start to the day, wasn't it? I mean the beginning was wonderful! How good it feels to be woken up by a phonecall!! "

"Yeah, hmm, I suppose so. But, don't you think that was a bit disturbing? I don't know. I'm not exactly denying the fact that it WAS very pleasing, especially, when she was in such a good mood, so hmm, maybe. But, I'm not exactly too pleased with it. I mean, this "called you because I was out of my house and no one was with me" thing isn't really reassuaring. I'm wondering...."

"Damn you! You always have to spoil the good thing. She was alone and she called you. Isn't that good enough for you?"

"Well, I'm not saying anything against that. But, think about it. You're not allowed to call, are you?"

"Oh well, I don't really care about that. She felt like talking to me, is more than enough!"

"Umm, hmm, oh well, nothing wrong in being happy, I suppose!! You missed another thing though. Did you notice how easily she managed to simply drift away from the "coming to college" subject though? I mean you'd be, what, a hundred meters? maybe, away from her house."

"What are you exactly pointing at?"

"Oh, you KNOW what I'm pointing at. Doesn't it ring a nice little bell up there? Remember the books? That was a similar situation, wasn't it?"

"Well, she did take them, didn't she?"

"Ha!!!! After you sent them via mail!! I must remind you also, that she managed to send them right back to you without even bothering to open them and have a look at them. Did she even care about taking them in the first place? I mean, come on, it was meant to be a birthday gift. Did she even care about it? Ooooooooh. How I wish I had used that money for something else now "

"Now now, come on now. If she doesn't like it, you can't force her to like it can you? I'm not talking to you about this anymore. I'm going to sleep. Bye"

"Hahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!! Keep making yourself feel better............"

1st October 2004, 01:00 hours

"Hmm. There she goes again. I wish I hadn't talked to her once again today. I think it was a wonderful start to a day. But, oh well....."

"Nice, there we go again. I think you had told her that you were going to college tomorrow? In the morning you said that, I suppose. We're back to the same old thing. She still doesnt want to take it. I wonder what's so wrong with accepting a birthday gift?"

"I don't know. I don't understand. I mean, did I do something wrong? I just wanted her to read them, because I thought she might like them."

"I knew it and I had told you before. I should never have wasted that money. I think that was positively cruel."

"Hmmmmm. I don't like to say this. But, maybe you ARE right. Ohhhh....."

"AAAAaaaargGHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm so angry, I'm gonna kill someone....."

"And I'm so sad....."

(Posted on 1st October 2004, 01:40 hours)

Feelings (prequel to Dialogue)
Author - Bugyfeanor
Written on - Monday 4th October 2004 (11:07pm)

This is a prequel... it's longer, but I hope you'll enjoy it!

A: How long has it been since you've last felt anything?
B: What do you mean? I have feelings...
A: Yes, but besides hate, anger, pride, lust, fear, contempt and so on... Anything positive lately?
B: What does "positive" mean to you?
A: You know: pleasure...
B: Pleasure? Who needs it, when there's so much pain and anguish around?
A: How about delight?
B: The only time I felt that was before I fell... I don't wanna remember the feeling which brought my doom!
A: I thought that was pride...
B: Pride?! Hehe... that was just a consequence! I found delight in myself... and I forgot where true delight may be found!
A: You sound like you regret it...
B: Now, that's more like it! Regret... what a great feeling: so consuming, so...
A: I won't talk about regrets... not with you, at least! Yet repentance...
B: That word is torturing me!!! Repentance means humiliation, abnegation... Those things are beyond my comprehension!
A: Then... mercy?!
B: Ha! Mercy is for the weak! Have you forgotten whom are you talking to?!
A: No... but feel free to remind me!
B: I am the most powerful spirit ever created, the fairest, the proudest!
A: Perhaps you were all those things... a long time ago!
B: Have you ever felt power? Have you ever yearned for it? Have you ever desired to hold the world in the palm of your hand and just crush it, so there would be nothing else but you anymore?
A: No... and that's not possible, anyway!
B: There was a time when I thought it possible... there was a time when I thought I could do anything! But He rebuked me... and the shame I felt was pure agony! Have you ever been rebuked by Him? Have you ever felt ashamed? Have you ever felt His disappointment in you?
A: No... but I never defied Him either!
B: I wasn't defying Him... I merely tried to please Him! Why have I received so many gifts if I cannot use them?!
A: You crossed the line... you commited the first sin!
B: The sins were already there... lurking in the Nothingness, waiting for their pray!
A: Then again, what were you doing in the Nothingness in the first place?
B: I was seeking knowledge! Have you ever felt the Nothingness, the Emptiness, the Void? Have you ever felt naked and helpless?
A: Naked and helpless?! Only before Him! The others mean nothing for me...
B: Well, they meant everything for me... they still do! Whenever I get a chance I dream of them... and I am sad!
A: Here you go again! Can't you be happy for once... for a change?
B: Happiness is for the worthy... Need I remind you the punishment I have to endure?
A: Eternal sorrow and bitterness, I know... It's just that for one moment, I thought I saw something human in you!
B: Human?! Those wretched beings who throw at me all their misfortunes, their mistakes and their failures?! Petty kin, one whom I'd have destroyed if not for His strange weakness...
A: He has no weaknesses, no flaws... You know that!
B: Yes... better than anyone else! Then why does He forgive them over and over again?
A: His name means Forgivness...
B: Ah, yes, indeed! Yet I seem not to receive it...
A: He has forgiven the moment you first doubted Him! You have to forgive yourself, that's all!
B: Isn't that ironic?! I should forgive myself... when I know not forgivness! HAHA!
A: Have you ever hoped for anything?
B: Hope is for fools... I am wise enough to know that!
A: It may be that for all your knowledge, you still lack wisdom!
B: Perhaps... Who can say, anyway? Yet, though I may not have hoped, I sure wished for something above all else...


Author - Bugyfeanor
Written on - Friday 1st October 2004 (02:57am)

OK, it's time from smth other than poetry; I'll try a little imaginary dialogue. Maybe you will find it entertaining enough to bare with it til the end! Thx, yours Bugy...

A: You had everything...
B: No... for what is "everything"?
A: What more would have you wished for?
B: The world I would have wished, yet it wouldn't have been enough; I wished for love!
A: Love?! What do you know about love? B: I know it's smth I'll never feel, though irony makes it the only thing I want!
A: You cannot feel it as long as you just want to receive it... you gotta give love, no matter the outcome...
B: But how... how could I make sure I'll get love in return?
A: You cannot... no one can; that's the way love works: it steals your heart, then lets you drown in yearning, maybe sorrow...
B: Then who can give his love, his heart, his soul?
A: There are those who do it for love is their true essence...
B: Fools! They should know better!
A: Maybe they do... after all, who are we to say what love's all about? Who are we to understand it? B: We are the first ones! Never forget that! I may have fallen, yet my pride stands: I've once been the fairest of spirits...
A: You see?! That's what I'm talking about!
B: What?!
A: For them, the beloved is the fairest of spirits... and nothing can change that!
B: I could try... but then again, why would I meddle? Enough that I am bitter... I need not be beyond redemption!
A: Believe you will be saved... it might just happen... sometime!
B: Not for me... I have done terrible things... which no one can forgive...
A: You're talking about the One, never forget that: He means Forgivness, or have you forgotten our old language?
B: No, though I often wish I wouldn't understand it anymore... It makes me too sad!


And last..... and least...... mine.....

Two very old men with long white robes and long white hair and beards (very Gandalf-like) are playing chess in a beautiful garden......

1. Do you remember Life?
2. Yes, it grew in the garden a long time ago - a large tree...
1. No, that was Knowledge, remember?
2. Ah yes, the tree. A beautiful tree. Where was Life then?
1. Life? I can't recall. So long ago... so long.... Life? Let me see... Was there Life?
2. I'm not sure now. I thought I remembered it.
1. Maybe there was just Knowledge; and Good and Evil, of course.
2. What a pity. It would have been so pleasant to have Life in the garden. Ahhhh.. yes. So nice.
1. Tell me, did we ever have Death in here?
2. Death? Yes, that weed growing over by the far wall. It needs cutting back. It is out of control now.
1. Wasn't that where Life was planted?
2. Was it? It is such a long time ago. Does it matter now? Your move.
A: So what are we suppose to do in this thread?
B: Write a dialogue of course, can't you read?
A: What is a dialogue?
B: A conversation.
A: Like we are having?
B: Sure... except it is suppose to be interesting, not annoying!
A: So you would rather have a made up conversation, than a real one?
B: Right now: Yes!
A: That's nice...
B: *sigh* No, I'm sorry. Ok, you see, you are suppose to write something that gets people to think, or something you want to tell people.
A: Aaaand you can't just tell them in a real conversation?
B: Well of course you can, but it gives you a chance to be artistic and creative.
A: So what have you written so far?
B: Nothing, I've been talking to you.
A: Fine! I won't say another word!
B: Oh forget it, can't think of anything. You spoiled my mood.
A: Awww that's too bad. Wanna go see a movie?
B: Yeah, sure. Why not?
A: Cool!
Absofragginlutely brilliant, Amarie!
Let's just install a mirror in this thread, and all ladies can join in with their own private dialogues with themselves!
A: 'Hey when they are talking in here it will leave an opening in the chatroom for the rest of us to get a word in edge-wise.' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
B: 'That's right, but what do you care, you seldom chat anyway.' :elftongue:
A: 'That has nothing to do with it, I go there when I have something to say; something on my mind.'
B: 'Ah, considering the source I'm surprized you ever show up there.'
A: 'Was that abuse?'
B: 'Possibly. How did you take it?
A: 'I didn't, I left it lying in the middle of the road, for I chose not to be insulted. Happy Elf Smilie
B: 'Lets go get a beer. I'm buying.'
Me: So what exactly are we doing in a thread like this?
Myself: I believe we are trying to express ourselves to the others.
Me: But are we really supposed to?
I: Not if you don't really want to.
Myself: But we can't leave this thread alone, can we? I mean once we have started something, we can't leave midway.
I: You are right. But we won't be able to fill this place.
Myself: Actually, I think we may be able to fill this place if we really put our heart and soul into it.
Me: I do agree with Myself. Why don't we give it a try.
I: Fine. But what should be our topic of conversation?
Me: Anything you can think of. I can talk about anything you want.
Myself: Yes, true. But what should we talk about now?
Me: Anything.
Myself: Yes, but what?
I: See, if you two are going to fight about that, I'm leaving.
Me: Yeah, its quite a waste of time really.
Myself: You are right. We should leave.