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Hello fellow writers and poets!

This morning I was browsing through some challenges at a different LOTR fan fiction archive. I noticed how I avoided everything involving Legolas and hobbits and how my attention got drawn to Feanorian’s, N’menoreans, Edain, everything related to Second Age and so on.

I seemed to have my favourites in writing besides my original fictional characters (OFC's) and I was wondering. How about my fellow writers? Do you feel drawn to a certain character or time period? Can you tell why?

For now my Muse has his attention fixed on Maglor and Isildur. I can reason a bit why because Maglor is my favourite elf and Isildur is/was a proud leader of the D’nedain. As for Time period, I do like Second Age the best. The war of Wrath has ended and new cultures are arising. Cultures that form the base of the ones we see in LOTR & the Hobbit.

So let me know! I am curious!
I think I gravitate around the Third and Fourth Ages more so than the others, although I have written stories (short and long) for First Age and the Time Of The Trees.

As for characters... I find I also gravitate toward elves more so than any other, in particular Legolas and Orophin. I do write Men as well. Ummm, I guess I could say I write within the realm of elves and men. LOL!

I hope this made sense... I'm half dead and about to go pass out for a few hours... ;-)

Rian Ithilmir's rampant author... Isil Elensar
Most of my stories tend to be set in the Third Age, generally towards the end between the time of the Hobbit and the War of the Ring. I think this is because I like writing "fill-in" stories that fill in areas that JRR maybe mentioned in passing but did not go into many details over. Three of my stories have involved Dwarves, and these have been among the best received, but this is not a deliberate preference on my part. Personally my favourite characters are Rangers of the North, but ironically only one of my stories has involved them.

Generally I tend to centre the story around a recognised character, but on a few occasions the starring role has gone to an original.
I tend to gravitate more towards the war of the ring, because that's the only time period I've read about in depth, and the major events are clearly etched in my mind. However, I am starting to read the Silmarillion, so that could change quickly.

I'm more drawn towards the Elves and men, but mostly Elves, because I guess they're so appealing, and so different, and graceful, and their cultures the most developed.

I tend to like oringinal character fics more than others, and most of the fics I read and write about ME tend to be girl is dropped into ME (Which is about to change, ideas in the works). I think it's probably becuase I want to be in ME so bad (Not to the point of obsession, I just fantasize about it) that I want to read about it and write about it, so I can be there in thought if not body.

Enough of my drabble. :P You've all probably gotten bored stiff reading my post. Dead Smilie
Nah Smile Smilie I have been mainly hanging out in First Age lately *grin* also a lot of fun!