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I don't think there would be anyone much, but does anyone have comments on my journal entry Archers Life? Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
Maybe you can repost them here. It would make commenting a lot easier. And what do you want comments about? Smile Smilie
Rhapsody's right - members are generally reticent when it comes to commenting on journal entries, possibly because it means messaging on a one to one basis with no idea what anyone else is saying. On the other hand posting here and asking for comments might not be your cup of tea either as your work could be discussed in public by all and sundry. Another option might be for you to join the Readers Group where work is discussed between a group of us overseen by Val. and where comments and criticism are constructive.
Vee- I've been trying to find out more about the Readers Group and I don't know where it is. And i don't mind my journal entry being discussed publicly. I'll repost it soon.
click here for Readers Group info