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live action fantasy series based in JRRT world. Is this too far fetched? Hey if Peter Jackson can do it... I have a concept and will work hard to see it on the small screen. It might happen as an independent project or something bigger not sure yet, but ANYONE interested in helping or have general comments let me know.

there is so much to middle earth to explore...characters to meet, treasures to find. What a wonderful place.
While this is a lovely idea, no in fact it is even more fantyastic than a lovely idea, but I think what's of most importance here is our dear old Tolkien. I can only imagine his dissatisfaction at such a concept that it could never happen. I think fan fiction and other similar avenues should remain sufficient for all of us who like to dwell or travel all the places of Middle-earth. Maybe not quite enough as the real thing, but I refer back to that which in this instance is of most importance and that is Tolkien, without whom the Middle-earth we know and love, would never even exist. I in no way mean this as a criticism of a lovely idea but Tolkien's legacy should remain so. Elf Smilie
Perhaps its just me Tindomerel, but I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about. Are you talking about developing Tolkien related games, movies or a television series? I'd love to ponder your question further, however need a more clear picture of what you're thinking of. Thanks for listening! Wink Smilie
I agree with Terrijayne, Tindomerel, for right now it sounds like the leadup to an advertisement with many particulars missing. You need a better 30 second spiel to take before the producers. Elf Winking Smilie
Well... given the fact that most new US tv-shows are short-lived nowadays. I wonder if it will score with that public. New TV-shows with a fantasy element don't do so well. I like the idea, but currently it will be shortlived.