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Jenkins posted Wednesday 9th March 2005:

As we all know Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings and all things that go with it as a historical legend for England, he did this because England had no mythical history.
Now if any of you have made myths up about your countries or made-up countries post your legends here with who lives there, what it looks like or even the made up language tha goes with it.

Ever since I was little I have been doing this.

But one race i made up were the Noo-Noos.
They looked evil and had massive bends in there knees so they can spring/junp really high to catch Soptercots (their prey) who lived in trees.

I wrote many stories about the Soptercots tricking the Noo-Noos so they wouldn't get eaten.

Hey, I was little.

Please Post
thanx for fixing that up for me! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I have been working on that sort of thing- trying to make my worlds deeper by giving them histories and myths- but haven't gotten very far yet.
Closest I've gotten was also something I wrote when I was little about vegetable and fruit people. Several somethings, actually... and for some of them I wasn't all that little, though younger than I am now (let's just say "Super Apple" is kind of a running joke between me and my friends... and don't ask about The Great Zucchini. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
Yeah, well, I'm trying to make several mythologies for a mythical world. I tried to get help with one thing in the wizards vs. ?(please help me) thread. Languages are the hardest part for me. Even though most of my languages are just going to be variations of Scandinavian, Germanic, Gaelic, and Russian languages. My elvish languages are all going to be a mix of whichever languages I think run smoothest.
yes, i too am working on a language, it is based on sandscript and is fairly simple.
Wow what a lovely idea. My country has so many myths, legends and folklore, I don't see any reason why I should make one up. But if anyone comes up with a good one.. I bow to you!
Technically, my ideas don't count for this thread. They aren't for a place in this world. Like the balrog encountered in Moria. Of course, my stories are not as purely evil as the balrog. At least, not to your knowledge. Even in that world, they are not myths. Everything really happened, so it is just the history. Unfortuneately, I've written about fifty manuscripts for first chapters. Most of them I got to page three, decided it was painful to my eyes, then threw it away. Others I've gotten a little further in writing, but the one I'm working on now is coming along pretty good. I'm fixin' to get past my opening chapter.
Technically, my ideas don't count for this thread. They aren't for a place in this world.

Actually, they do...
Now if any of you have made myths up about your countries or made-up countries post your legends here with who lives there, what it looks like or even the made up language tha goes with it.

So it is not necessarily the real country you live in, and I think Rhapsody's the only one to mention that so far...
You're lucky, Rhapsody...The U.S. only has the Native American legends which I can't get into and tall tales like Paul Bunyan. Norse, Greek, and Roman Mythologies are so much more fun!
I've been working on and off on languages I make up myself. The first time I really put an effort in it was when I was 13 or 14. That's 6 years ago. It had some very basic grammar etc.
Currently I'm working on a language called Tinshaw. I started with it about two or three years ago. The alphabeth was a pain in the rear. First I had to think it up, and then learn it to feel comfortable writing it. It's now groing a bit complexer, and I hope to make a short poem with it soon. Words I make on the fly, just when I need one.
Then I started to create this world to support the language.

A bit about the history of my world:
Revelation 21:1 Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.

After the old world had passed away, my story starts. A small group of six smaller gods came before the throne of the Almighty, the Highest. The Almighty had created a new world for the humans and the old one was left to waste. The small lesser gods asked the Almighty if they could have the old world, to start their own creation. After some thought the Almighty agreed to their plan.

The six gods broke the old world to pieces and started to remake it. They breathed new life into the world, so it could live again after the destruction the previous inhabitants had caused.

They created a lot of animals, and a few inteligent creatures. There were four different races of inteligent creatures. First the Elves and Dwarves were created. After that the humans. The humans reproduced like rabbits, and started to take over the world. That wasn't that worst part of it. They started to turn their backs on the gods and started to mock them. On a certain point they marched to the lands of the gods in order to wage war against them. Now there was a fourth race of people, the youngest of them, called the Kamlal (translated from Tinshaw into english: Folk), who were living in the lands of the gods. They were peace-loving creatures, but the gods gave them the strength and the know-how of warfare. They fought against mankind, and destroyed them. Almost all the humans were killed in that battle. Also the Kamlal lost a lot of people in that fight, which is called the Great Battle, or in Tinshaw: Inta Neshnar.
The Kamlal went on to inhabit the lands of the humans. They rebuilt their cities and founded new-ones.

Previously they were gouverned by the gods, but now they were on their own. They appointed a king, Pel-Pirontal (= king of the tribes. for there are four tribes of Kamlal). From the day this king was crowned the Kamlal started counting. The years afterwards are distinguished from the years before this day with the two letters L.P. Meaning Liv-Pirontal (= the peace of the tribes). Actually it should be called Liv-Kamlal, the peace of the Kamlal, but they sort of named it after Pel-Pirontal.

That's an awfull long post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. That's about it. It's a very brief summary of the history of my world. There aren't any myths or legends yet.
It's a good idea to look to the bible for story ideas.
If you compare the Silmarrilion to the creation in the bible there are certain similarities, like Meklor and Satan.