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just wondering what peoples favorite names are that sound somewhat elvish but not actualy made by Tolkien. my favorite is Elrose
Imar Wink Smilie

Ive got to say Galadriel, but then its Arwen such good names!! non tolkien names, i like Lisse, not Lizzy, Lisse Smile Smilie
Aierlin Relanlie’ If you think that sounds Elvish’
I think Keziah sounds kinda elvish.
I wrote one book, and now I'm writting a second one, and names was a worst job.
Here are some names I have maked miself: Metida, Ija, Leda, Elara, Ithero, Torg
Sauril,Dreud, Yaughan, Janus, Janus-Kan, Feba, Seuk, Baradin, Olen, Kluk, Sander-
Kluk, Maruk, Orin, Eon...Names of kingdoms: Caderin, Duran, Dynadur, Tar-Aen-Sin,
I don't know about elvish but Pretkag Pigsticker is the orc in my stories. And what a charming orc he is!
Here are some names I have maked miself

I hope you don't write the books in English.

And yeah, have you played Warcraft by any chance?
Here are some names I have maked miself
I'm not trying to make you feel bad or anything, but I went to school with a Sander (comes from Alexander), Leda had a thing for swans (or Zevs in disguise) in her days and Janus had given name to the month Januray if I'm not mistaken. And an eon is about the same as an age, a long period of time. Google can help you to see if you really have invented a name or if it already excists. Just a little tip. Smile Smilie