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Personally, I started writing cos of Stephen King. Though I soon discovered that it was really dull writing like that, and gave up until I discovered Robert Rankin and found out that you can be as stupid and funny as you like, and still keep a good plot going. Then I got a Pratchett book and my own fate was set.
I always wanted to write until one miserable day when I read a series of the most badly written books ever to have graced a book shelf, yes I am ashamed to admit it but I read one of.... Pratchett's book!!! Very Sad Smilie
Oh very good Taz. Tongue Smilie I can't see why you don't like them, or have you had a sense of humour bypass operation?
"My" writers (just a few...)
(1) English - writing
J. R. R. Tolkien
Arthur Conan-Doyle
William Morris
Bram Stoker
Mary Shelley
Charles Dickens
Patricia D. James (an postAuthorID of stories about a poet-detective Dalglielsh)
Lucy Maud Montogomery
Ursula Le Guin (but not all)

(2) Other
Andrzej Sapkowski (a Polish contemporary fantasy writer, his stories and novels are deeply romantic, dark, cruel and extremely funny - all at once!)
Maria Rodziewiczowna (a Polish lady writer; her book "The summer of wood people" is a delight!)
Mikhail Bulgakov
Fiodor Dostoievsky
Le Clezio
Astrid Lindgren
anonymous postAuthorIDs of Icelandiic sagas
I don't know if a writer influenced my writing (it's just crap anyway :P) but if any did, I think it must have been Tolkien. He got me into the fantasy world, and I started writing more about surreal stuff.
I don't think anyone will ever knock Tolkien from his pedistal but Katharine Kerr's Deverry series comes close. Raymond E Feist's Magician does a lot for me too.
Hi, readers. The postAuthorIDs who influenced me had these traits in common: wild imaginations and a northern-England pagan/celltic streak. So - Shakespeare (AMidsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet), Stephen King, esp. the Dark Tower Series, Marion Zimmer Bradley's The MIsts of Avalon (a life-changing event for me), Rovert Jordan's The Wheel of Time books, and in the place of honor, JRR Tolkien's works. He captured me when I was 16. - Chathol-linn- Plus Robin Hood, the King Arthur legneds,

PS What does your name mean, Chicka?
Tolkien has got to be my main influencel. My second influence isnt an author. Its my own stubborn nature.HA!
John Steinbeck
Aldous Huxley
Douglas Adams
HP Lovecraft
Edgar Allen Poe
Michael Moorcock(i was young)
Kahlil Gibran
The Mabinogion(anonymous Welsh Bards)
Homer (not Simpson!?!)

Tolkien, m'spose... although it maybe heresy to suggest that i dont rate his writing as highly as some of the above, he is master in his Genre, however.
Lighening Smilie
Homer (not Simpson!?!)

Big Laugh Smilie

I just finished Ilyada and d@mn , the war isn't over after 400 pages. Where am i supposed to know what will be next?
Try - Herodotus' Histories of the Peloponnesian War... Its heavy going but there's more WAR!

My inspiring authors (that I can remember), in chrono. order of reading:

Jules Verne
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.K. Rowling
Raymond Feist
Sara Douglass
Ooh, yuk, J.K.Rowling! I actually used to like her books! Eeeeew!

*Loni remembers that she is supposed to be a polite 12-year-old dwarf, who is seen and not heard*

Alright, the person who most influenced me is obviously J.R.R.Tolkien. (Tell us something new) Boring Smilie
I have great respect for J.K. Rowling, she is a good writer and I really enjoy the Harry Potter books.

*Loni remembers that she is supposed to be a polite 12-year-old dwarf, who is seen and not heard*
A dwarf lady or girl is polite and respectful towards others, but she is not silent and is by no means invisible in any way! Wink Smilie
I have no respect at all for J.K. Growling. (Grrrrr) I HATE Hairy Potty and all that stupid magical nonsense that she writes. Bt anyways, I'm not here to talk about her.

I actually started by writing out my diaries which soon turned into poems. Then I started to write movie scripts (with help from an American guy). But then I switched over to short stories about humour and action set pieces. Then I wrote only jokes and submitted em all to a site which collects and publishes em. (I was once surprised to see my own creations doing rounds as e-mail jokes.) But lately, I've got no time to write. I've lots of scripts and plots penned down in my folder bt no time to write a full-length story. And noone wants to ghost-write for me. Sad Smilie So I've gone back to short poems. I've been inspired only by Tolkien's imagination and nothing else.
i hardly ever finish anything i write but im absolutely clear about my influences they run into thousands of writers
tolkien of course
c s lewis
george macdonald
superman batman x men spider man daredevil....
the list goes ever on and on
ooppss most important of all i forgot the bible
ye oulde marshwiggle
Writing was somethign that I have always loved, so I don't know if I could say that one person in large inspired me to write, but I could definetely say that writers influence my style, and I am always changing being influenced in different ways by them. Right now, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is my main inspiration for my works.
Like everybody else I have enjoyed watching J.R.R.Tolkien. films thou I have never read his books. However, sadly to admite this he did not inspire me to read books.... that insiration came from one man.... a young man who started writing books at a young age and one of his books quickly became one of americans best selling books at the young age of 15 or 16. The book which inspired me to write was **shocked face** Eragon novel written by Christopher Paolini... one which I have read 4times and hate myself when I finish it as I love the book so much!

Plus his second book Eldest is also one I find hard to put down.

Wiggle Smilie Haych