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If you can find a decent cure, I really need it.
I tend to use Vodka, or banging my head really hard into a wall. Though a better suggestion is to go to your local park and watch people doing peopley things, never fails to inspire.
(Though I admit, I do do it just to watch the kids falling over and crying :winkSmile Smilie
For me the best thing is to do what I am supposed to do to earn my salary.
I like to feel that writing is my pleasure and not my duty and above all not the grim matter of money!
I could never be a professional writer - I would have a block all the time!
I just easy off, let things be the things for a week and start from scrap again. Just forget about the block, don't write for a week, and start again. Read a lot in the meantime, to fill up your empty moments. It works fine with me.
Finding yourself miles away from anything to write on usually works for me.
Also, just after you've got really warm and comfortable in bed... you know the moment when you're drifting between being awake and asleep (and the last thing you want to do is get up and scribble down your thoughts)

I used to base all of my writing on roleplaying games I had played. I was never short of ideas, just how to best word them.
I have found the best cures for writers block are

A: reading a great book - this implies that the book being read is one you have read before (or how can you tell it's a great book). I can re-read books faster than first reads so it's not more time consuming.

B: Long drives without the radio on. This forces me to think... and I'm always thinking about plots.
I find school is a great cure for writer's block...I've had some fabulous ideas while ignoring my calculus teacher...Wink Smilie

B: Long drives without the radio on. This forces me to think... and I'm always thinking about plots.

hehe...I definitely get lost if I think too hard while I'm driving...Tongue Smilie
Just clear your mind and don't think about anything. It really helps when you're thinking too hard about a storyline, or plot, or whatever. I hope this helps someone Big Smile Smilie
I agree with Plastic. I've often found myself hitting my head against a wall trying to get rid of writter's block. Nasty little bugger, that one. Well, my advice is as my father said: "Wait it out. Don't think about it. It'll come to you when you least expect it. Or, when you're furthest away from a piece of paper to write the idea on." Well, I hope that helps! It's saved me from going stark-raving mad....ooops! I mean it's saved me from gettin worse. I'm already Stark-raving mad...hee hee.
I, too, often have writer's block and sometimes the best thing is to back off. I try working on my artwork (like painting and drawing; they offer good ideas), but when I get artist block, I go back to writting! You could try looking around your surroundings for inspiration.
Hi! Aki Hana, welcome to our forum and the Writers Guild. Happy Elf Smilie

Your advice to backoff and let a different muse come to you makes sense, especially if you are multi-talented.

Thank you, Grondmaster! I forgot to add that all my creativeness comes from my music, (for both writing and art). Just pick out a certain type of music, and let the rest work out!

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if you read this haldir3 your advice helped me alot
I'm experiencing something similar to writer's block at the moment. It's not writer's block exactly, because I'm not short on ideas; in fact I've got a story three parts finished and know precisely where I'm going with it. The trouble is I've spent the past three months writing our annual research report for work, and the style of writing is so different to story writing, I'm having problems getting back into writing creatively.

Hopefully it is something that will return soon, but at the moment whenever I open up my story, I just feel unenthusiastic about continuing it. It may be that because the story has already dragged on for 8-9 months it is feeling stale, and a new project would be a better idea, but I'm also disinclined to just abandon this one. Anyone gone through this themselves? How did you break the rut?
I know (sort of) what you mean. My Orc's Odyssey stories have also ground to a halt, not from lack of ideas but just lack of motivation. I've made notes and jotted down ideas but there my motivation trails off into the sunset. I will finish the stories but when.... who knows? I need someone standing behind me with a whip. (oooh er missus!)

I've gone through this before, Val. Ya know, for me, I ended up having to put the story down for a while, and then starting another one. I didn't necessarily abandon the story; I just delayed it for a bit. One's best writing comes through inspiration, so if the story feels like a drag, it'll become that way for the reader. Really...put it down for a while and come back to it. You'll find one day that the new inspiration will just hit you and you'll become excited once again.

Oh, and about the writing style thing, that happens to me all the time. It's very difficult to switch styles of writing, but I think, I hope, I'm getting better at it. I had a really difficult time switching between succinct business emails to my blabbering, creative style...Good luck!
Oh writers blocks all around.... yes. Just over won a small one. A great way to overcome is, for me, is to join a round robin rgp. For me it is a great way to get your mind off the story for a while.

Val: I know what you mean. Writing for work, especially reports is such a different thing then story writing. How did I break the rut? By concentrating on one task at that very moment. Writing in two different styles is utterly confusing.

My writer’s block had a lot to do with a complete re-write of a WIP of mine. I had a big discussion on style with a new beta. I had some doubts on the tale so far and the person found them without any effort. The discussion was good and so is the outcome. At least: I am very pleased with it.

I also just finished an original fic, I am ready to submit it to an official writing competition later this week. I got loads of plotbunnies hopping around, so I guess I won't be bored for a year or 2 Wink Smilie
I've been thinking about it a bit over the past week. To swap from scientific reports to creative story writing, I need to sit down with the story for several hours at least, in order to get my thoughts attuned to my own writing style. Once I am in that state of mind (my muse, I suppose) things flow okay. My trouble now days, however, is that I seldom get enough time to get things flowing. No sooner do I get my writing head on, it's time to stop. The result is I tend to spend more time re-reading what has already been written than writing new material. That is why it's dragging, because I'm only managing to write a paragraph at a time, with week-long breaks in between.

What I need is a laptop on the boat so that I can tuck myself away in my cabin at night a write a bit.
A writing group is definitely a good idea, Rhapsody. Ideas and inspiration definitely seem to flow from these discussions.

And yes, Val, it sounds like a laptop might solve many problems.
Wow, there are here quite a few with writers blocks.
The story I'm writing is a bit on a halt. I have ideas of what should come etc. but getting there is quite hard. I keep writing stuff that has not much to do with the story, but more background info. However, yesterday a friend of mine let me see some pictures she took in Italy. When I saw those pictures I suddenly got some inspiration to write further.
Quite funny, one of the latest things of background info I wrote was about the city the story is currently set. One of the pictures, two actually, had lots of houses on them. Then all of a sudden I got inspiration to tell a bit more about the city. How the streets were ordered, and why.

Maybe this could help you all a bit. And if not, I will be looking forward to more of your suggestions to cure writers block. It can always help someone.
I find it helps just to write about something else for a while- whatever I can find to write about, even the events of the day in a journal or something. I also have found two really cool sites- The Scriptorium and Seventh Sanctum
Scribbles. Random thoughts and phrases. is rather helpful as well. My poetry forum loves this tool.
I have a friend who is very serious about writing, and has actually had offers to have some of her work published. One day, as she was trying to think up an ending to her latest "novel" she couldn't think of anything except weird things that made no sense whatsoever. So, she put it all together and made a side story. I find when I write, I do the same thing, and always end up having my story going nowhere or off on some crazy tangents that make no sense. So, my friend wrote this story called The Screenname Adventures It's a great story, and a real cure for writers block, and it's so funny...and I'm in it! so that makes things even cooler. I'm the queen with the four hot brazillian, I hope it helps, and maybe doing that will help cure your writer's block as well!
I have to agree with the fact that it is funny.and you must have some crazier friends... but for writers block the best thing to do is eat something drink water because the brain works at peak efficiency for 30 minutes after you have drunk water and do something fun or spend time outside. and i dont think that story will help cure writers block...if it does... than chickens are also martians.