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We are still waiting on the Mail system. Untill I hear otherwise, I assume that it is still unavailable.

If it is a very short piece, you could type it in as a post. Create your own thread even. We will post our comments or responses underneath. Unless you don't want us to, of course Smile Smilie
Cool Smilie Count me in. Where do we start Eryan?
Yeah sure, but what do you mean exactly? Using scenes from the book or making up new ones? eg: Aragorn and Arwen's wedding or Arwen and Elrond's last words?
There are so many missing details so nice to imagine...
Possible subjects:
(1) It is told in the Silm that the tale of deeds of Beren as a solitary outlaw became a matter of song in Doriath before he ever came there. Imagine the feelings of Luthien when she heard that song: what did she thought about Beren at that time, how did she respond to it?
(2) Elladan and Elrohir were uncles of young Eldarion, the son of Aragorn and Arwen. Imagine a scene when they all meet.
(3) Aragorn and Denethor fighting side by side as young knights in the service of Gondor...
And so on, so on...
Right now!!!!
I don't really get a lot of time for writing anymore, but if I had a crack at something where and how do I go about getting it posted?
Would you like the two story boards we have going in The Ivy Bush Tavern moved under the control of the Writers Guild or should they remain clouded in the minds of the inebriated? Any ideas?

Valedhelgwath recently added something good to 'Merry Making at Rivendel (story board)'.
Or we could start somw new ones?
Why, thank you Grond. Such Kind words could go to an elf's head.
Hil Valedhelgwath your short story about the Fall of Osgiliath really corresponds to what I expected for this game!
I think I must finish now some of my very short glimpses into ME and post them as well ... One is about a meeting between Arwen and Eowyn just after the death of Faramir, another is about the childhood of Dior, the son of Beren and Luthien. Yet another is about young Eldarion and his uncles Elladan and Elrohir...

Can't wait Eryan! :excited-smilie: Read Smilie
Well, several days ago I worked a bit on that bit about Arwen and Eowyn and I finished by writing a sort of a song supposed to be composed by Arwen at the request of Eowyn after the death of Faramir. You can find it now in the Fan Fiction section. I would be very grateful for all comments. I also would like to thank here Alllyssa and Gnampie for their comments, suggestions of modifications, and for encouragement...
Very glad I could be of any help (or support) Eryan Big Smile Smilie
Hi Eryan.
I just posted a comment about your poem under the character thread for Faramir, so I won't repeat it here (grondy will perhaps move it here and delete this one if I smile nicely)Smile Smilie
Very moving piece of work though.

Grondy having been moved by Val's moving appeal, moved the following post to this thread and deleted it from under Characters.

I was going to send a post about your poem last night, Eryan, but wasn't sure which thread to put it in.
It's a very moving piece, and the more I read it, the better it becomes. The fact that it was written as a requim after his death actually leaves me with a feeling of grief as though he was a real person, and I was left feeling sorrow for the widowed Eowyn. That was a nice touch.
Sorry to disappoint you, Eryan, but my next piece is about Balin and not Faramir. Sorry if I caused any confusion in an earlier post. Faramir's character does fit the way I like to write, though, so given time I might be able to extend the last story or send him on another quest.

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Hi Val,
I am very glad that you found my poem moving, it is a dangerous thing to write in a language which is not your own - you may so easily turn to be ridiculous instead of moving!
I do not know why I thought that your next story will be about Faramir AND Balin, but anyway I am waiting impatiently for it!
I'm just about to enter one of my busiest periods of the year at work tomorrow, so I've pressed on and finished the Balin story. Hopefully, Taz has received a copy of it and will be able to post it somewhere. Failing that, anyone who's interested, let me know and I'll mail a copy out to you.