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The Very Short Story Competition

Submit a short story, approx 200 words, set in Tolkien's Middle-earth in deep winter. The time period is your choice. You could win 2000, YES 2000, mithril pieces (well, it will be New Year and we are feeling generous) and the winning entry will be posted on the Front Page and in the Fan Writings Forum.

1. The competition is open to all members of Planet-Tolkien
2. Entries must be in English, approx 200 words, set in Tolkien's Middle-earth in deep winter
3. Entries must be original and unpublished and must be the member's own work
4. Closing date for receipt of entries is 11.59pm Friday 13th January 2006
5. The winning entry will be posted on the Front Page and in the Fan Writings Forum and the winner will receive 2000 pieces of mithril. All other entrants will receive 500 pieces of mithril
6. The Council's decision is final

So, what are you waiting for - get writing! Send your entry to
It's only 200 words. You can do it... Think of the mithril.
4. Closing date for receipt of entries is 11.59pm Friday 13th January 2006

Isn't it a bit ominous? And by the way, whose Standard time should we follow for the deadline?
Purely accidental... honest.

Time - GMT.
One more query... Did you say 200 or 2000? Because 200 words will just fit into two paragraphs and in that case, the story will end before it even began. You sure it's 200 and not 2000? Because, even the essay's I get to write in exams are in about 400 - 500 words. *grins*
Why do you think it is called "The VERY SHORT Story Competition"? Smile Smilie

Yes, it is 200 words approx. You can do it!
And can we send in multiple entries? Or do we have to stick to just one per member?
You can send in multiple entries but each one must be complete in its own right and all entries will be judged individually.
An example (not set in winter, not really M-E but just an example of what you can do with 200 words.):

The two Hobbits were last to leave the ship. They watched Galadriel and Elrond walk towards the crowd of elves running to the quayside. Frodo took Bilbo's hand and helped the old Hobbit onto the white sands. Singing filled the air.

"Bilbo, I'm frightened. More frightened than I have ever been."

He felt Bilbo's grip tighten. The old Hobbit was standing straight and smiling, his eyes closed. Bilbo took a deep breath. "Frightened? Yes," He looked at Frodo with clear, bright eyes. "But think of the adventures we will have here. Think of the stories, the songs, the poetry."

With that the old Hobbit rushed forward, almost dragging Frodo along. "My dear friends," he shouted, "It has been so long."

That was under 200 words.
Hey V_Goddess, i'm new to the site and i'd like to join the competition.I thought 200 words wouldn't be sufficient for me, so i wrote a sequel to your story over this message... Hope you like it...

Right after the hobbits left the ship, a slight sound filled the air;

Now you all know
The bards and their songs
When hours have gone by
I'll close my eyes
In a world far away
We may meet again
But now hear my song
About the dawn of the night
Let's sing the bards' song

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs

The song became louder and louder with each second, filling the air with it’s clear instrumental sound.

There's only one song
Left in my mind
Tales of a brave man
Who lived far from here
Now the bard songs are over
And it's time to leave
No one should ask you for the name
Of the one
Who tells the story


At this point it was clear that the sound of music was coming from the skies. Elves cheered up, as they thought it was the eagles singing for them;

In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
And elves
Come close your eyes
You can see them too

And thus at the end of the song, a great jukebox fell on the two enthusiastic hobbits. Elves stayed quite for a moment, only Galadriel dared to take a few steps towards the jukebox. She looked at the monitor for a few seconds, reached for her pocket and took out’ an elven change!!! She put it in the jukebox and chose Opeth - Black Rose Immortal.

’Now that is music’ said Galadriel, as she joined the headbanging elves’
"They were no good to noone anyway" said Elrond to Galadriel, "Yeah, lol" answered Galadriel, and they happily headbanged together, forever...

Writer’s Note : Couldn’t write the lyrics for Opeth’s song because the story’s already over 200 words, but i can send them to you via PM if you just ask nicely.
Yo, Turk, thanks for making my day with that post! HAHAHAHA! *drops to the floor laughing*
im sooo writing one...
Asteroth, if you want to submit it for the competition you need to send it to

However, it has to make sense on its own and be set in winter and Tolkien's Middle-earth. Get writing!

Are stories between 200 and 300 words allowed?

I tried writing two stories : one has 322 words (but 260 when i scrap one description), and the other one is 233 words.

200 words is a bit way too short.

200 words is a bit way too short.

Well, it IS called a very short story contest. I hope you will able to shorten the story with 33 words, if not then you can always send it in to Fan Writings. Smile Smilie
Well, after a long night's work, i've shortened it to 225 words...

Send it, send it, send it....
That I did.
The competition is now closed

The Winner will be announced soon.

The Council has deliberated and discussed and decided. (Miruvor did not vote as he entered the competition.)

The winner is Miruvor and the runner up is Cloveress and an honourable mention for Ithil. The Council would like to thank all those who entered. We had a good selection to choose from.

The winning entry will be posted on the Front Page and in the fan fiction section. The runner up will be posted on the Front Page. The winner receives 2000 mithril chunks and the runner up receives 1000. All other entrants will received 500 mithril chunks.

A comment by Vee

Interestingly, the winning stories were both about Faramir and Boromir yet each one was set at a different time and together they show the changes in characters, in particular Denethor.

It 's hardly surprising that Boromir/Faramir fics would be advantageous because there's just so much to write about them and the relationship of their family is so complicated. When you sit in front of your computer thinking about what to write about, and what characters would make the story touching, you just get Boromir and Faramir right away. They're perfect for a good fanfic.
Personally, when I am writing myself, I prefer to fill in those gaps that Tolkien made. He created such a rich and detailed world, you then have such a great time framework to work around, and fill out areas he gave mention, but little detail too. When you look around at fan fiction sites, there are so many stories about Faramir and Legolas (although admitedly my first piece of Fan fiction was a story involving Faramir).

When you read the appendices of LotR, you can see so many things going on at the time of the WotR that get little mention within the story. I just find those areas ripe for expanding.
WHAT!!! you didnt choose my story!!! IT WAS FIXED!!!!!!!
lol, mine sucked.
What can I add to Elrose's above critique? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Well, for one thing, it wasn't a story, but more of a script for a skit or a very short play, so it didn't really fit the short story criteria either.
Writing what Tolkien didn't write is cool too. But I've never really tried that out. Well, I have, but the result was always just wrong and I'd just look at my work, shake my head and go, "Well, there's something Professor Tolkien would've fainted over..." So I've just let the undetailed parts stay undetailed and let them enter the realm of imagination. Somehow, imagination always works better than the pen. I have a perfect Tolkien world in my head, but just not on paper!!!!! It's really really annoying. But it does make me appreciate Tolkien all the more.