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Please read the rules carefully!

The competition is open to all members of Planet-Tolkien.

1. Write an original, unpublished Valentine poem with a Tolkien/Middle-earth connection.
2. Send entries to
3. All entries must be in English and conform to the Family Friendly rules.
4. Subject on entry emails must read 'Valentine Poem Competition Entry'.
5. Closing date 5pm(GMT) on Friday 10 February 2006. The winning entry will be announced on Valentine's Day - 14 February 2006 and posted on the front page.
6. The winner will receive 500 lovely shiny mithril chunklets - more than enough to move location.
7. The judges decision is final.

Now get writing!
Come on you lot - get those romantic thoughts down on paper. It can be from and to anyone or anything as long as there is a Tolkien connection. It can be humorous, romantic, dark.... use your imagination!
y does it need ME??

It needs a Tolkien connection, that's all.
Quick, get writing people!

I'm in need of a laugh... ;-)
In other words I should back up my outrage Elwe/Melian and Earendil/Elwing are faring so poorly in the poll into, well, other words. We'll see; being away so long I only just now learned of it. Nice idea though.
Well i was going to rant about the fact that Gorbag & Shagrat didn't make it to the poll... definitely food for a poem.
Only another few days in which to submit your poems!
Come on! We are waiting with worms on our tongues for some more poems.
Does the poem have to directly relate to Valentines, or just a subject of Valentine's, such as love?
Love and have a Middle-earth connection, I believe.
What an unromantic lot you are!

We did not have any valid entries for this competition so it is officially declared null and void etc.

Please read the rules of competitions before submitting an entry.

Enjoy Valentine's Day.

oh im very sorry, Vee i had completely forgot, so i made this one;

If time could be turned, if day did not end,
We'd use it of course for the love of a friend.
From distant lands to places unknown,
Even to Dark Lord's sat on their Throne.

Love comes to all, even a small thing,
From Lord's, Lady's, even that ring.
If I had that ring, that great ring of Power,
I'd give it to you, my dark little flower.

Nice one!

OK - an impromptu Valentine Poetry Comp - if anyone else wants to post a Valentine Poem here which must have a Tolkien connection please do. If there are enough we'll vote for the best. You have a day or so.

Arwen was a lovely Elven maid,
Aragorn really fancied her intricate braid.
But Elrond was afraid to lose his daughter,
so he sent Aragorn into the slaughter.

Though all that shimmers is not gold,
Aragorn and Arwen's love had been foretold.
So in the end there was nothing Elrond could do,
not even some Haradrim voodoo.

Aragorn did marry the Evenstar,
and subsequently covered Elrond with feathers and tar.
So everyone lived happily ever after,
as intended by Tolkien, the old lore master.
Arise, My Beloved (With help from the Song of Solomon)

Arise, my beloved, my fairest one, come away with me.
For, lo, the winter is spent, the snow is over, now gone;
The blossoms appear in Middle-earth;
The time of the singing lark has come,
And the tree frog's voice is heard in our land;
The mallorn putteth forth her golden leaves,
And the fields of elanor give fragrant smell.
Arise, my beloved, my fairest one, come away with me.
Any more?
wait for me! I'll post it in a couple hours... iam s'posed to be in class. This one should be really good!
We're waiting with worms on our tongues.

This one should be really good!

I'll hold you to that!
I bid thee, stay this moment,
Call halt to the steps
Of V’sa
And R’na
This instant calls back
Ancient echoes, from a purer time

I bid thee, let me hold this breath
Like a shard of glass
From the window
Of time
This moment shall glow
With mingled lights of time-devour’d laughter

I bid thee, this small span to keep,
Let remembered lights
By some
Long forgotten
But on our hearts now
Telperion and Laurelin do shine

Now we like Arien and Tillion do part
And then drawn again
To the
Other’s light
Our spirits shall meet
And I bid thee, Valar, smile upon this mortal's love.
and there you go! I am a bit ahead of schedule for once! Good enough? Big Smile Smilie
Don't ask me, I am not allowed to vote as I entered the competition myself (albeit not seriously).
Not seriously? How can that be? Your poem was actually pretty serious for once.
could this minute be counted as a day or so??
Hold your horses, Shakespeare.

We'll see what can be done.
OK - if you have a poem to post then post it before midnight tonight (16th) GMT.
I vote for Laurelome's poem.
OK - I've decided that Council Members may not vote (includes me) so it is up to YOU LOT to decide. Post your vote for the poem you liked the best. You have until Monday 2o February, 21.00 hours GMT.
I vote for... oh darn.

And I vote for Laurelome.
Laurelome wins! And, if I may say, a worthy winner. Nice one Laurelome. The great and mightly Grep will bung some mithril your way in the not too distant future.
(any runnerups?) Orc Smiling Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Congrats : today I actually tried out that poem on a very nice, albeit random, young lady that was passing me on the street, but for some reason the only feedback I recieved was a confused glare. Women!

No runners-up this time.
How did I know who's post that was before I scrolled back up to the name? Congrats and well done, Laurelome, even if I do sympathize with Virumor, as I think my last post at PT indicates. What you have to understand, Vir, is when a woman says she wants a a sweet, sensitive romantic guy that writes poetry, they're speaking on a purely hypothetical basis. What they mean is "oh, you're a sweet, sensitive guy that writes poetry? Oh, how wonderful; you're just PERFECT for [anyone besides me and I have pepper spray and middle linebacker boyfriend, too, buster.]"

On the plus side, I have the solution to your far more serious problem: since Miruvor posted an entry he can't vote for himself. But there's nothing to stop a deeply moved Virumor from doing so, right? ;-p I only like Shakespearian sonnets ("Shall I compare thee to the Elder Days? Thou art more slaughtered and more Noldorin...") though, so ya'll sort it out.

Actually, girls would go for guys who write poetry. It's just all girls have to play Beauty and the Beast at least once. So, really, Vir, you do have a chance with women...
No, in the fast times we're living in nowadays, women do not have the time for any romantic epistle. Especially not if they're deaf.
Really, Vir, you're just so tactless in wooing women.
Yah, I'm still sticking with Vir. I know what women SAY, but I've got a stack of sonnets that doubles as a dust bunny farm to tell me what they DO. Phooey.
And of course men never do that.... "I'll ring you, I promise..." Pah!
Well, THIS one has never done that. Nor had the chance. Besides, that's a TOTALLY other thing, common to both genders. I have a theory about why that is, but no one likes it.
Well, thank you all for um... liking my poem! and might I say... how the conversation has wandered? wow. Here is my two-cents: Being female, and knowing the man I know, I can say that at least some of us do greatly appreciate the eloquence of a well placed poem. The difficulty can come, however, when it is presented in an akward time or place, or if it becomes in tone more of an expression of physical infatuation than the expression of a love of the person and spirit.
The difficulty can come, however, when it is presented in an akward time or place, or if it becomes in tone more of an expression of physical infatuation than the expression of a love of the person and spirit.

Hmm, that explains a lot.
*sigh* Vir, you're never gonna understand women, so you might as well just go back home and be FAITHFUL TO YOUR WIFE instead of drawling love poems out to ladies on the street!
Great. Now I have bought those DVDs of Sex & the City for nothing.
Yes, I know I should've bought Desperate Housewives.
Yeah, better eye-candy.

I, too, like when a man writes poetry, (it has often made me swoon in the past), but is that the only quality the man had? -- I think not. See, this is what novels and movies have done for humanity -- made us believe that the perfect person and perfect romance are out there "somewhere." I directly relate this to the reason divorce rates are so high.
Well, as to time and place, a letter sent through the mail can be read at your leisure, and usually is; as to subject matter, the only thing in which I have any interest physically is a girls legs and eyes; from there it's on to far more important emotional and spirtual concerns. So that dog don't hunt; women are mean. :P

I don't know you well enough yet to write poetry, Eruwen (like wether you're single, for instance.) Plus I don't think I can top Blake. Guess I'll have to rely on the non-iiterary benefits of Mandrake Root.... ;-p
Really, Morambar? Now why don't you try to write a poem for the benefit of every female on PT? You don't need to top Blake, y'know.
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