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Dear all

I am still quite new to this board so please forgive me if i am retreading old ideas but what about a writers community story? Someone could start a thread, write a first "chapter". Someone else could read, write the next part and so on and so forth. Anyone think itis worth while attempting?

Darren Reid
P.S I have started a Blog to promote my novel, Lord of Darkness and Shadow, which will has a story that is added to every week called "The Half Broken Crown" - check it out if you like
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We do have a 'fallen-asleep' thread called Quest for the Straight Road which was a community story. We never did finish it. Cue Amarie to nag in the nicest possible way...

I think they are fun and good writing practice. Please feel free to start one. You might find it helpful to start a simultaneous thread for notes and queries etc.
i agree i have one idea id like to try look for a thred titled "the stroy you write" close to the top of this page and let me know what u think.