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heres an epic poem i wrote on Beren


Here is sung of Beren the Lost
Of what became his albatross
A deathly bane ensnared his life
Like a sickly plague, brought him strife

This great son of Barahir
Had sworn to steal a silmaril
To win the fairest of all things with breath
L’thien, a maiden who walked free of death

The maiden roamed free in her wood
A guarded realm, great evil it withstood
She let her lovely voice roam free
Through the stars and around the trees

Here Beren beheld her first
And named her Tin’viel, daughter of twilight, she kindled a thirst
She was beautiful, he knew that indeed
But their love was doomed not to be free

Tin’viel’s mortal love was soon betrayed
To Thingol, her father, and the king was shamed
From his throne he did decree
That for love a jewel must be stolen, one of three

A terrible task to steal these jewels
Wrought of the most wonderful tools
The journey would bring him to the gates of Morgoth
The dreadful foe of all that flew or walked

Thus Barahir’s son was caught in the oath
Which long ago F’anor had spoke
And Beren took up this challenge swiftly
Even though as man his gained bliss would die quickly

just one more epic poem, this ones on the simirils

Of The Jewels and the Darkening of the West

There was the day i’the depths of time
Filled with song and gay with rhyme
Before the Jewels, and their luster fine
When in the West the trees did shine.

And then, ere long, of Finwe’s tribe
Came he who had a fiery vibe:
Feanor he, the Noldor smith,
Who would craft the Jewels told of in myth.

Great were they, the Silmarils,
Gems of Light, with their own wills;
And when the work and toil was done
Glad was the heart of Finwe’s son.

But fiery still was Feanor’s heart,
And he trusted no other craft or art
But that of the forge, hot as he,
And the truth of the Valar he could not see.

And lo, there came a darkest of days,
Caused by they who love evil’s ways
And the mighty, bright trunks of Yavanna pure
Were felled to the ground for the hate they did lure.

A council was held at the Ring of Doom,
As Mandos pondered the fate that did loom.
Finwe’s son, discord’s seed
Shared not the Jewels to right the deed.

Yet as they spoke, Evil returned
To snatch the Jewels for which its heart burned,
And Feanor cursed it all as he might
In the dark, the eternal night.

Yavanna wept, the Valar said naught;
They seemed to have lost for what they had fought.
Now Mandos saw a future most violent,
But though his heart cried, he was silent.

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Wonderful Courtman, though I am no conniseur of poetry. I especially liked Feanor's "fiery vibe" Big Smile Smilie

I also liked "Finwe's son, discord's seed". Very accurate. He certainly was an insrtument of discord.

I am afraid my ignorance of poetry makes me unable to criticise very constructlively.

Are there any more poets amongst us?
c'mom give me some poems!
I would courtman, but sadly Very Sad Smilie this is an artform that eludes me. *sigh*
I'm afraid my poetic license is now restricted to terribly offensive little rhymes that I'd get banned for posting these days.
HHmmmm...*gives Plastic a warning look.

Dont even think about it!!

Just curious Courtman, where does your sig come from?
Dunce Smilie
Perhaps to weigh
The choicest lay,
Whether to play
Or go away.

Were you to stay
Yet another day,
Mayhaps a yea
Would come your way.

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HO! tis' me
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Come back to the site
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hello tuesday, hello all, at least someone posted some form of ryme, the site has significantly changed, huh, many moremembers I see. and my quote comes from a book by Kurt Vonnegut called Cats Cradle
Welcome back Courtman. Where ya been? Wink Smilie
The lady of the Golden Wood
Is fair beyond compare.
The spring upon her raiment white,
the summer on her hair.
She sings of times of long ago,
of golden ages past,
the shining sun with golden rays,
the moon with silver mast.
But while she sang,
swift and keen,
upon the moors and fens,
fell winter came,
and with it death,
death for Lothlorien.
I cheril uin 'lad valthen,
bain athen pan,
I ethuil an chammad 'lan,
i laer erin laws din.

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Beautiful poem Shieldmaiden. Welcome to the Guild. Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
ahhhhhh finally a person of like inclination!

NICE POEM! more perhaps!?
It is a beautiful poem, shieldmaiden. I can hear music when I read it. Big Smile Smilie
Yes indeed. Smoke Smilie Cool Smilie Cat Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Smile Smilie
That is truly a beautiful poem, Shieldmaiden. Its style and evocation appeals much to my heart. Your words are as fair as the starlight on the water. Please share with us more.
On the banks of Kheled Zaram I stand
My harp held in my hand
Upon my lips rest songs of joy
As into its depths I see
For in its deeps is mirrored Durins crown
Gleaming white in winter sun
With clouds above its mighty peaks
And mithril in its heart
For Kazad Dum is my hearts home
In aged Pillared halls of stone
Where Durin sleeps and gold is found
As crafted beauties underground
With light of sun and moon and stars
Bound undimmed in mighty halls
In crystal orbs on threads of gold
Deep down under mount
Lies Khebil Nalas great springs
With water cold and pure
Flowing forth with glee
Softly does it sally forth
To greet the light of day
In dimril dale it comes forth
To feed the Silverlode
And on it flows over many miles
To link with Nimrodel and Anduin
In roaring river strong
Balin was a mighty Dwarf
He reached for Khazad Dum
And there he found Durins bane
A deamon made of shadows and flame
But still he strove in Durins house
Though no end for Dwarves he made
His mighty axe he used to smite
All enimies he met
And all the while he shouted curses to them
But Balin died and now he lies
In theh chamber of Marzabul
Down the Withywindle creatures come
Through trees of years unknown
To find the master and his house
And to hear his laughter
By his fire they wish to sit
With songs apon their lips
And stories many on their toungues

They wish to hear sweet Goldberry
And wish to see her face
As fair as lillies on a lake
Light across the ground she walks
With boundless flowing grace
No year can dim her beauty
No age can slow the master
Bombadil and Goldberry together ever after
Of old there was an elven king
Gil-Galad was his name
A host of elves was at his call
And never did he fail
Until one day Sauron came
And forced he was to war
On the slopes of Orodruin
He finaly found his doom
He fell while fighting
In Mordor against the foe
No more to reign on gilded throne
Great elven king Gil-Galad
Anduin the great
River of the ages
Bear away brave Boromir
Let no orc defile his bones
Take them to the sea
Give him honor, give him peace
Guide his boat both night and day
Unto the wild seas
Tell the seas of his valour
Teach the waves his name
Comand the depths to remember him
Make the water sing his praise
Arawen! Elf maiden fair
Will you leave our shores
will you go beond the seas
To see your love no more?

Aragorn! Son of men
King of Gondors lands
Will you greet fair Arawen
With kisses on her hand

Will you both dwell evermore
Under fading stars
Forever in true loves embrace
Never far apart
It's been so long since I've read anything Tolkien I don't know whether you made those up, which I think you did, or if you just took them from the works themselves. The language seems too modern to be Tolkien, but beautiful nonetheless.

I have lots of poetic talent, but I always find myself struggling with topics. They seem to come easiest when life is looking down, but that doesn't come too often for me. They also come after I've spent some time with someone I love. Check out my journal entries if you'd like.

I wish we could bookmark people's journal lists. The technical side of it is that we use a method called $_POST and the data is sent in the background. If we used $_GET then we could bookmark it, because the data is sent in the url, example (I wish this worked)
This would be nice, I think.
D-rob: put your above post about book marking Journal entries in the Suggestions thread and maybe it might be implemented in the next millennium, but don't hold your breath while waiting for it to happen. Elf Winking Smilie
Many lives of men there walked
A wizard grey and wise
He fell in Khazad Dum
Down to waters deep and wide
There he fought with deamon old
Of fire and shadow he was made
And Gandalf wizard grey prevailed
And with that act he did ascend
And became the wizard white
In Minas Tirith on graven throne
Sits Aragorn king of men
Mighty is his sword Anduril
Beautiful is the crown upon his head
By his side fair Arawen daughter of the elves
Aragorns eyes are bright in morning light
And night does not dim them
His will is like newly forged
His wisdom is deaper than the sea
Far he looks with the Palantir
Across the restless seas
He looks afar to lands unknown
And protects his land with armies great
He is trouble not by Sauron who lies in deaths embrace
His orcs are dead and shatered never more to war
Orodruin spouts purifying fire across Saurons land
And now Gondor is a wide green land
With peace upon its face
No evil woe doth threaten it
No waste does mar its face
For Aragorn king of men hath made it bright and clean
No foul beast, no poisoned lake, no enemy at the gate
Gondor is free and Aragorn pleased and Looks to his love Arawen
Long I stood upon a stone looking at the trees
I guarded and cared for them under sun and moon
I watched the trees grow from nut and acorn small
I listen to their voices as they talked to me
But bough and Bole are burning now
And Isengaurd must be cleansed
I must away my lovely trees to fight the fallen wizard
No curse I have in any tongue bad engough for him
His treachery will be rewarded with rock and stone
And entish below as we break his home
Three rings for elven kings under the sky
Seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone
Nine for mortal men doomed to die
And one for the dark lord on his dark throne

Now the one is ended all it did is past
The three are free to roam again
The nine a broke apart
What remains of the seven
The dwarves have claimed at last
The world is healed the darkness passed
And all good things have come to pass
No war with Sauron is left to fight
The west is safe at last
Men and elves and dwarves and hobbits too
All are free of shadow
The ents now sing and horses run
The trolls now pass away
No orc is left with power plenty
To call the hoards again
The west is safe
The west is free
Let life begin again
Upon the river Nirodel is saw the golden leaves go floating by,
No thought had I inside my mind but to watch them flow away,
The glory of their wonderous forms matched by golden tone,
They did not mar fair river Nimrodel as it bore them on.

That I should see so fair a sight and not weep for their passing,
What monster would I be if my soul did not yearn to go,
With glory as my watcher with the leaves as the slip away,
To dawning and to light upon the river Nimrodel.
I saw the world through aged stone
The light of sun was bright
Elves and men at last again
Drew together for the fight

The dark lord broodes
As day does come
For he has lost his might
And forth come lords out of the west
To harry his orcs again

"Morgoth" he cried
"Give me strength and I will give you blood"
But Morgoth looked upon his need
And did not blink an eye
For Sauron was to him a pawn in his aged game
No sorrow he felt for his servents pain
And then he turned away.
In Minas Tirith once I stayed
And all about me people sang
The songs they voiced were sweet as wine
And silver trumpets played along
For joy was now the days bi-word
As crowned the king had been
No sorrow was felt inside the walls
No pain, No suffering.

"My people", cried the king
"Let feasts be laided, let joy be had
For Sauron is no more
His servents slain by brave strong men
And hobbits good and true"

And four twenty days went by
with song and food and Joy
No heart did lack no wound need mend
While merry Gondor made.
In grey havens ships are moored
each day does one set sail
Off they voyage to Valinor
With elves to tend the sails

For elves are leaving middle earth
No more shall they be found
Men and beast shall shed thier tears
And forests mourne their passing
Could people please start to write poetry here again. It is sad to see so little in recent months. I know there are quite a few people out there who can write poetry and I encourage you to do so and publish it here so everyone can get a little enjoyment out of your works.