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The Editors of LINK REMOVED need all of you Orcs (and Orc fans) out there to get off your butts and send us your Orc-related art work!!!!

We need BOTH good and bad art! You heard me - we want "bad" art as well as "good" art! And not just stories - we are interested in any original artwork that is Orc, LOTR or RPG related! Drawings, poems, music, photos, movies, animation, 3D graphics or anything else!!!!!! Even if it is "bad" - send it anyway!

What kinds of Orc art are we looking for? ...In a nutshell we are looking for 100% original artwork "With Orcs and other 'green-skins' in them". Pretty-much any artwork with Orcs will fit into one of our seven magazines. For example: If you send us an illustration of an Orc shooting a bazooka at a dwarf - we might put it in the "Orc War Journal" or in "Popular Orc Mechanics". If you send us an illustration of Goblins cooking a 3-headed pig over a fire - we might put it in "Orc Food Digest". Even If you send us something really odd, like an illustration of Orcs looking at a WWII German tank stuck in a tree, we can still use it in the "National Orc Enquirer".

Details and FAQ page:
Editorial Policy:

If you want, feel free to also post your submitted material ("good" or "bad") here on this thread. Smile Smilie

Now get cracking!!!
Rednell is locking this thread. We have seen it over and over and over.....