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Hi, Alyssa. Thanks for your kind words. I am new to postBodyboards and don’t know when I should start a thread.

I imagine Legolas’s early life as a member of a kind family with imperfect characters. If I produce more stories about Legolas, Thranduil, Elsila and Elwen, their characters will develop according to what happens to them.

I know the child in the clearing was over-dramatized. I needed a reason to keep the Bowmaster in harm’s way. He was sacrificing himself by throwing her clear.

The odd punctuation occurred to indicate thought speech, guarded or not.

Many thanks again for your comments. I will incorporate your critique into my work. Regards ’ Chathol-linn

posted on 5/9/02 at 00:25
Hi, again, Alyssa. I read my submission in the "news" and you are right about the attributed punctuation - it does not show up at all! I did not write it like that. If you would like to see the story as I wrote it with punctuation and end notes, here is a URL:

I would like to start a discussion thread (?) on the story if possible. I have almost finished "How Legolas Cured His Sister of Teasing" and the feedback would be very helpful before I try to publish. Regards - Chathol-linn

I would just like to say that I put this thread here for everyone to post a comment if they like, and as long as Chathol doesn't mind.

It is so helpful and encouraging to hear that readers like your writing. Sometimes writing can feel thankless otherwise.

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Yes, the story is much better with the punctuation. When can we expect to see "How Legolas Cured his sister of Teasing". Cant wait.
Hi! I am serious about feedback. I hope readers will let me know any questions about why a character did something, or if a scene could be improved.

My stories about Legolas will not be particularly romantic - that's being done by many other writers just now. Instead I am interested in his early adventures and how they mature him into his role as one of the Nine.

"How Legolas Cured HIs Sister of Teasing" is perhaps 75% done. The three main characters are in a jam at the moment.

Should I submit "Bowmanship" to Fan Writing here, or is the url above OK? Not sure of the rules about having links to other webistes.
Regards - Chathol-linn.
You could try emailing Taz, and asking him to move it to the fan fiction section.
I finally got around to reading your work, Chathol-linn, and could only come to the conclusion that you must have something to do with bows yourself. Is this so? The details of how Berendil taught Legolas his skills, including the crafting of his own bow and his arrows was very convincing. I also liked thought processes you gave to Ruler. The way you chose to do that made him seem a far more formidable opponent than if he had just been `any' boar.

I really look forward to reading more of your work.
Greetings, Valedhelgwath. Wonderful name! I recognize ’eledhel’ and ’gwath’ but what does it all mean together? It is Sindarin, correct?

Thank you for your thoughtful remarks on ’How Legolas Proved His Bowmanship.’ I am not an archer at all, never made a bow or held real arrows in my hand. When I thought about the character of Legolas I realized there was nothing about archery he didn’t know, but he wasn’t born that way ’ he needed a teacher. I did research on the Internet using phrases like ’arrow’ and ’wood’ and ’bowstring,’ etc. to find details of these items. As for Ruler ’ your point is very insightful. I struggled with how to introduce danger into the story. It wasn’t until I gave the boar a name and a personality that the story flowed again.

I have just finished ’Elflocks ’ How Legolas Cured His Sister of Teasing.’ Alyssa has told me how to use the ’Readers Anyone’ thread to get feedback so I will do that. Regards ’ Chathol-linn
I've translated my name in several other threads now, but for you;
It is indeed Sindarin. Val (power), edhel (elf), gwath (shadow). I like to think of it as Shadow Elf of Power, but Gwathedhelval doesn't sound right.

You did your research well if you've never had archery lessons yourself.
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Thumbs Up Smilie Excellent story! It's very difficult to have so much exposition and still hold the readers interest. Fantastic job!
execllent story, keep up the good work