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This is the thread where you can comment on the stories posted in the SHORT STORIES thread.

PS: Turion and the other guy could you please delete your conversation from the short stories thread. i'll do the same with mine.
It is better to simply copy the coversation, and not delete it, although I see no point in creating two threads for the purpose of one for writing and one for commenting, but if the other members want it, then so be it;

Turion Posted on Tuesday 9th January 2007 (08:03pm):

haha, well uncultured stumpies never did have a grasp for our beautiful language :P

Loss Posted on Thursday 11th January 2007 (03:07pm):

I believe it means;

Tale of the Silent Forest

Dwarves have some respect, though stubborn, as they know of the Elf-Friend Gimli.....

Turion Posted on Thursday 11th January 2007 (07:11pm):

tis been a long time since i have heard a truely kind word from a dwarf, in fact this very dwarf here suggested throwingmy corpse into a well
Big Smile Smilie