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hello midle earth my name is corgon swiftblade and this is my first post so i thought id make it a good onethis is an idea i came up with wile i was in a hospitle resintly so i thought id try it out.

how it works is i make a main story line and caritcer then every one els mails me ideas on that to do next and i add them in some way to the next page or so depinding on how many people send there ideas. the main idea is rather vage so that i can leve plinty of room for any kind of idea so dont be afrade to help out the more the better. if this sounds good let me know and ill start it. ( note if i do this will be the page id like the ideas to come to other wise it cluters up the story page.
the main story is thus: a mighty waroir is away at war and comes home to find his wife and son killed in there sleep he vows to find the ones who did thid and gos after them. ( agian if u like to help id appreshate it this is my first try with this so bear with me.)
That sounds boring. Too common story.
That was sort of rude Thorin Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie ...however...I do think some more original thoughts are needed...

Oh...and please click the spell check button before you makes it a lot easier to read. Teacher Smilie Smile Smilie
There is really nothing new under the sun. So you can keep that story line, but make it with a twist so it is original.
YOu could have been away for say five years and in that time perhaps the wife is killed, the child taken and adopted as a son by the evil guy. The son is now eighteen and cares nothing about his former life. He likes the new guy and his mind has become darkened like him and now he is your enemy. How to undo all that?
You know, something a little different.
I think the mother should have lived, to me that would be a big twist because it's always about men fighting in battles (which did really happen). However, I think you should have wrote the mother was hurt but the child was murdered.