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I read your story in the Fan Fiction section.
Faramir at his noblest - I want more!
I will think about the ending, so far I am just very pleased for a new glimpse of what really happened in Osgiliath.
Write more Valedhelgwath! l
Thanks, Eryan, and to those of you who have replied by e-mail.
Do you want more of Faramir? I'm currently working on a tale about Balin leading his people back into Moria. I'm hoping to have it done in about three weeks (work permiting). Although I know the outcome of the story, I'm not certain yet what route it will take getting there, and thus, how long it will be.
I know it's a bad habit, and I should stick to a story plan, but I find my writing always evolves by itself. The finished product is very rarely the way I intended it to be from the start.
Do any of you other writers write ad-lib, or are you more disciplined than me?
Characters often take control of their stories from their writers. Sometimes a minor role player will demand a change in the storyline. If the writer listens with her heart, he can become the major player, often leading to a better story. Cool Smilie

Of course, I'm not speaking from personal experience here, just about what I've heard. Smile Smilie
I ad-lib constantly, everything I ever do tends to evolve from one really good one-liner and I have to try to somehow build a story around it. I've never done anything in a disciplined way, I find chaos to be more productive than order every time.

I know it's a bad habit, and I should stick to a story plan, but I find my writing always evolves by itself. The finished product is very rarely the way I intended it to be from the start.
Do any of you other writers write ad-lib, or are you more disciplined than me?

Totally!! Happens to me all the time, and mostly I think that it is Beneficial to the story. If its flowing, its working, I say. I usually start out with some sort of plan, but one that is subject to change at any moment without warning. Smile Smilie

Your great story Val: I loved it. Faramir was very Faramir-ish Smile Smilie. Battle sequences and details very vivid That Haldon chap must have had access to plenty of arrows. I dont mean that as a criticism - I believed it completely.

I dont know if he would say "bless you" though. Maybe something more like "May Varda guide and protect you" or something of that nature.

I think the ending is great, but what would make it better would be if there was some reference to Callen at the beginning. You dont have to name him, just let the reader know that the story is being told by someone other than the postAuthorID. A couple of lines in the first person for Callen that is. Does that make sense?

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. :apologetic-smilie: * 100. But I didn't think your story needed much improvement anyway!! Big Smile Smilie
really good story, Val...I like it alot! Big Smile Smilie

and I definitely never have a story plan when I'm writing...usually I'll be going along, and then get a bit of dialogue or a sentence I want to use and then sort of aim the story in whatever direction it calls for. Not that I do all that much creative writing anyhow...Wink Smilie
I enjoyed your story very much. I actually like the way you end it off with Callen revealing that he is the storyteller. Since he wasn't present at the battle he would only be able to refer to it in the third person anyway so I don't think it is necessary to introduce him as the narrator before the end.
Good job, keep writing. Read Smilie
Thanks again, all of you.
It is nice knowing there are others out there who don't stick to story plans. My old English teacher used to drum into us that we had to, so I kind of figured I wasn't cut out to be a writer because I never did.
Making Callum the storyteller was one such afterthought, by the way. I wasn't sure how to end the piece without having to fight all the way to the main gate, and the idea kind of popped into my head out of the blue. Also, my first intention was to have Haldon sacrifice himself to save Faramir, but once the orcs attacked him the story kind of took a mind of its own.
Good point about "Bless You," Allyssa. It didn't feel quite right when I wrote it. Your alternative would have been so much better.
Can you repost this story as well please, Val?

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Until we get the fanfiction section back, it's not available on this site, but if you want to read it, try my own site.

Fall of Osgiliath
It was really amazing...I loved it. It showed a new side of Faramir...
Good job!
And your newest project sounds interesting!
Good luck! Elk Grinning Smilie
Thanks, Halbarad, I'm pleased you liked it.

And your newest project sounds interesting!

If you mean the Balin one, mentioned earlier in the thread, that was an old post and the story has been long since written. Happily Taz has brought the Fan Writings section back (see left hand menu bar), in which there are quite a few stories written by a number of our members. The Murder in the Shire includes your namesake, Halbarad.
Ah stupid Halbarad.
: Shakes head :
I need to start checking the dates...Oh well.
That is awesome!
A Murder in the Shire...I like the title.
Happy Elf Smilie