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I am a young 'brainstormer' (as I like to think of myself) and I think I have some pretty good ideas. I share them with my friend, C.J., and he agrees. I was wondering if anybody could look at these ideas and help me actually write something over them. I've brainstormed many ideas over the past 5-6 years and am in desperate need of help.
Dude, I'm like the opposite. I consider myself a very creative author but I have trouble finding good subjects for my writing. Message me or something man, I'd like to get writing again.
If you are still looking for help on your stories, as an English teacher I might be able to help. I am normally too busy, but right now we are just entering Christmas vacation here in America. Message me and let's establish contact.

If I ever organize my thoughts, I might sed ya'll the ideas, so keep in touch.

Smaug, I think I could help you get something going, message me.