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I would like to add this poem to the Guild.
I will add new additions in the future.


A party, the biggest in memory;
A Hobbit gathering to behold.
A hundred and forty-four invited,
Families, children and the old.

Music played and as they danced;
The wizard’s fireworks on high did burst.
The birthday cake it was huge;
It was Bilbo’s eleventy-first.

Every table was laid out
With lots of food and plenty of ale.
A celebration never to forget;
Bilbo’s plans could not fail.

When all had eaten to their full,
Bilbo stood before the crowd.
’My dear people,’ he began.
’Hear! Hear! Hear!’ they shouted loud.

Ridiculous, soon they thought his speech,
Because he rambled on and on.
At the end’ ’Goodbye!’ he cried.
With a flash of light, he was gone.

Confused, the guests all spoke at once;
I smiled, knowing my friend had planned
To travel abroad and visit the Elves;
Leaving behind his home and land.

In Hobbiton Bilbo was never seen again;
But rumours of his whereabouts still spread.
His nephew Frodo has told me since,
His open road to Rivendell led.

By Fortinbras Proudfoot.