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Is the comparitive form of the word "dumb" - in relation to intellect rather than ability to speak -
"dumber" or "more dumb." I think it is "dumber." Now, whether I am right or wrong, no one will be able to accuse me of altering my stance only after I was sure that it would make me look more knowledgable.
You are quite correct, Ar-edain. It is dumber. Generally, words of one syllable take the -er ending words of more than two syllables take the 'more' at the beginning and words of two syllables may be expressed either way. Nice to meet you btw.

Dear All,

I would like to have the names of my children tattooed on my back. i have been a fan of Tolkien since the age of 14. Please...if anyone knows the proper elvish spelling for the names: kyra, emma, johanna please send. i have a graphic idea. I just want to be sure of the spelling. A tattoo is for life. Help... thank you