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Real life: Just a couple days ago I gave the Squirrel the idea for an amusing Sci-fi series when I told him to consider the plight of the future archeologist, who after digging up a copy of the initial run of Time to go meet Elvis (Plastic's new CD) has to reason why the people of those ancient times, reversed the artwork on their Mini-Frisbee packaging. Big Smile Smilie
To quote Tuesday in the quotes thread.....

immature poets, imitate,
mature poets steal -TS Eliot

Maybe this works for you writers too Tongue Smilie
Wel, my problem always was how to stop the ideas coming, and how to select only the best of them.., and not only in writing, in other fields, too...
You may laugh, but it IS a problem!
Of course it is a problem. Anyone with a lick of imagination would sit around day-dreaming all day, if they couldn't filter out most of their ideas, and then only work on one or two at a time. But then some people get their filters set too high and that's when they encounter the other extreme, writers' block.

I just read a bit in the newspaper where some famous writer, just as Allysa did earlier, said he gets his ideas from the newspaper articles, clips them out, pastes them together, and off he goes with a new story.
In the begining I was baseing my book on my character's in rolemaster - until I started to get ahead of the game.
Only those who dream the absurd can achieve the impossible.
My ideas always work the same way poets do... I look at something and steal the idea, wondering how I can make it better.
Thus the reason we can no longer open the front door...
For me there are several ways and means to get ideas. It might be a challenge, it might be letting my mind roam wildly when I think about something. I always have my notebook with me. Sometimes Dialogues for a story pops up in my head (I even sometimes am doing something completely different) and around that I can write a story.

Entering a plotbunny nursery is pretty lethal. Wink Smilie
Hmm, a thread I've not been in yet.

As to the topic, I write, short stories mostly. And I get idea's from the oddest or most simple things. A phrase from a book or movie, an object, a landscape, anything. I don't have any system that I use , I just try to run things through my mind until something fits together nicely.

Sometimes one can get ideas from doodles... if you tend to draw in the margins of your notebooks, or on napkins, or whatever, this could be helpful... I read somewhere that Orson Scott Card got his inspiration for the Hart's Hope (I believe that was the name?) series from a map he drew... it said that maps were what he doodled, and he was drawing a map of a city, and put the towers for a gate too close together, so there wasn't really a gate... so he had to think of a reason for that, and that was the beginning of the book. Also, weird things from the news, yes... if they bring a question to your mind, no matter how morbid or strange, write it down!!!!! That's my downfall, I don't right things down, and then I forget... Anyway, the answer to the question could be a story element, maybe... never know Big Smile Smilie
Ah no Eva lilith, that doesn't sound so strange. Today I was asked to help someone with her story. She got stuck on the flow of that chapter and I helped her out, we have been e-mailing back and forth for a while and ideas keep on popping up. Inspiration can be found anywhere, I just wish sometimes it would be not in the middle of the night...
Most of my ideas come from my own personal experiences. I write songs, poems, novels, short stories, and scripts. Kristyn Osborn, a group member of the country group SHeDAISY and the writer of the group, once told me, "The best songs come from the most trying experiences." It's so true. Becasue we feel so much emotions with something we experience, we write it best. That's why all my happy songs are not good at all. Haha. I also do think that inspiration can come form the oddest places, like a title, movie/TV line, quote, or even other works. I've stolen lines form other works and rephrased them to my thoughts and went from there. I write down my ideas when I can these days. I take pads and pen whereever I go because I always come up with good songs when I don't have paper with me, and then I can't remember them. I've been on a roll lately with ideas for books and songs.
A nice, long, relaxing, hot, soapy, aromatic bath! I had a little digital recorder thingy for Christmas so I can make notes during or immediately after the bath before I forget the ideas. Sometimes I forget I have it...

Sometimes I'll go to the park and watch all the children play and ideas and stories start to flow, it's like when you see all these children so obsorbed in what they're doing, that the whole world fades away, you start to feel the same way and your imagenation runs wild.
Does that make any sense?
Yups! I have the same, yes a lot comes from my own experiences. I find my knowledge and experience really handy when I wrote about stubborn horses that make Thorongil bite some dust Wink Smilie But yet when writing your tales about rangers, elves and hobbits... some things do come from your imagination.
Oh, yeah. Imagination also takes a huge part in writing. I too am writing a fantsy series (so far six books and not one totally written yet....I keep coming up with ideas for new books and can't write them yet), and much of that is imagination, but I sometimes base the characters and races on reality.
Ah so your muse is feeding you ideas, but to translate it to paper? You gotta start somewhere. With my current multiple chapter story I originally started with an idea, but so far I re-wrote what I started with a year ago I think besides idea, building a good character is important as well. And actually: a lot of fun.
sooo annoying.

i had a dream.

i made one of the best songs in the world complete with guitar..well mandolin riffs and everything and lyrics.

i woke up.
i thought of how good it was.
i thought of "Tribute" by Tenacious D
i forgot the song

but sleeping is where i get most of my ideas. or from other songs. i listen to so much music by oblselete artists (The Tossers, Black 47....)that are pretty good but never get heard.
Ideas for writing can come from anywhere: dreams, daydreams, other books, music, television, other writers, the cat... whatever. Even the internet :-)
Hi everyone Smile Smilie

Ideas? My prob is i have waaayyy to many like some of you - problem is actually doing them justice when i write! My novel was a complete accident, written in little over a month after a years worth of false starts, i didn't even want to write the story, but when i started it all seemed to fir. Now i've a ton of ideas that i can't write down or do justice to what i se in my head! Guess my masterwork is still a few years off yet Wink Smilie

Well, that's honest.

I still haven't completed my Orc stories. I think I got onto chapter 5 and then real life seemed to overtake and I never got back into it. One day soon...
That's the thing, isn't it, V? Finding the time to write. I have seen in many books directed toward writers that we must always set aside a certain time of day, or a certain amount of time each day, and just write. So far I have not been successful with that. School and family keep breaking in. How on earth did Tolkien do it? Then again, when he wrote parts of the LOTR, he was MERELY involved in a war! Not like kids interrupting everything, right?

But seriously, there are hardly any new ideas, or what passes for new is the same "fashion" someone else had dreamed up 20, 50, or 200 years ago. Ever notice how many great movies are based on old novels? It's the same thing. So how can we do better than Shakespeare did? I just pick up an idea from somewhere and turn it around the way I want it to be, and then run as far as I can with it. The problem is not the idea. The problem, again, is finding the time.