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I think it's a great idea! Not that you'll have much on me, my imagination is below zero lately, but I'm sure the others will come up with loads of great stuff. Imagine what Golly or Alyssa can do with this! Big Smile Smilie
Great idea, ask Allyssa if she wants this moved to the Writters Guild.
You mean like a story board? Yeah why not....I am up for any kind of creative writing, although humour is not always my strong point. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I think he means we all (or some of us) re-write a chapter from LOTR somehow (like he did with Khazad-dum) and then mail it to him or sth like that, so he can have a look at it, or change some things, and that way we can have our very own planet-tolkien spoof version of LOTR. I think that's what he means, though I'm not sure. Anyway, I think I'll try my hand at The Old Forest. Why not try, anyway... Elf Winking Smilie
Can I do something with Elrond in it? Big Laugh Smilie
I'm having trouble explaining my grand vision, but yeah Tom's basically right, anyone can send me any chapter they want to have a bash at. Then I'll undertake the editing process, and stick them all together so they work as a whole.
To start with, I only want Fotr chapters until December, then you can add TTT chapters, as I want good film crossover jokes in there.
Eventually, I hope to have a grand creation the like of which has never been seen on the net before, and will make Taz proud to have met us. The first ever complete re-writing of the Lord of the Rings, done by the community. Put us right on the map I should say. Who wants to do the appendices? Wink Smilie
I'll stick to the Old Forest. I'll work on it again today. Have about two pages already. I'll mail it to ya, Plastic, when I'm done, ok? Big Smile Smilie
Nice one Tommy. I couldn't think of too many jokes for that one, apart from the obvious Bombadil-dopehead jokes which have all been done to death already. Looking forward to it. (Btw people, we have 4 pages of Council of Elrond and as soon as I'm less preoccupied with other things, I'll get it done, honest).
Right, now who else is feeling funny?
hmm...I'll give it a shot (no guarantees on quality here though Wink Smilie)...can I let you know when I figure what chapter I want to do?
Who wants to do the appendices? Wink Smilie

Can I do the "Tale of Aragorn and Arwen"? Big Laugh Smilie
Heh. Why not? But I thought you wanted to do sth about Elrond? Very Big Grin Smilie
Just do whatever chapters you like, even if they've already been done, mail 'em to me, and don't get to upset when I hack your precious work into tiny pieces and add a load of my own stuff, and anybody elses. I can get very ruthless when I'm editing stuff.
That's how we know you... Animated Wink Smilie
I'm stuck in the Old Forest, but I think I'll come up with something again soon. It's not easy to keep finding jokes about that one. There are already things in it that I think are way too lame... Oh well. I'm sure that once you've edited it, it'll be loads more funny. Big Smile Smilie
See? it ain't that easy to be consistently funny is it? I find I have to go and sit in a pub I've never been in before, and prop up the bar with my notebook in my hand while I giggle to myself hysterically and scribble down jokes about the odd people I've just met in there.
Very Big Grin Smilie

Still working on the Forest, but I don't have my copy here, and when you've read my holiday story, you'll know why I haven't had time to do any more. I know what to write, but I have to have the original with me to do it properly. I'll have my LOTR book back next week and then I'll have the time to work on it too.
Ok Plastic, need a bit of professional advice ( Animated Wink Smilie ) here: I have two versions of the Old Forest in my head. One with a rather angry, selfish Tom B (cos he's not in the movie and stuff) and one with a weed-smoking Jamaican looking Tom. Which one shall I pick? Tell me, so I can work on.
I like both to be honest, though the stoned Tom is a little reminiscent of Tim Benzedrino from Botr. And by stereotyping Jamaicans as stoners you're risking death by stoning (pardon the pun) these days. However, I like the idea of him being really p*ssed off at being left out of the movie, perhaps he could be totally schizoid and flick between being really stressed and so chilled he doesn't give a flying f*** about anything. A lot like a long term pillhead would be?
All right I'll go for the first one then. Thanks!

I kinda liked the other one too, but h*ll! You know what, I'll write them both out, so you can pick one. Smoke Smilie
this sounds like fun. I wish I were a more creative writer. I may still try to hack away at it and give Plactic something else to read, and then trash. Not sure where I'll start.yet. I'll let you know after Robbie goes to bed tonight.
Let your mind go, Melliot! Big Smile Smilie Let us know. Planning to finish Old Forest this afternoon. Well, one version of it, anyway. Tongue Smilie
Woohoo! This sounds very exciting!

Too bad I can't write, and have no sense of humour! Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Golly? No sense of humour? LMAO! You make me laugh all the time! Tongue Smilie

Ok. Finished the Old Forest. Again... Animated Wink Smilie It's on the way to you, Plastic! Big Smile Smilie
And it's up now folks. If you liked Plastic's version of the Bridge of Khazad-dum, you might try and read this one too. I can't say it's as good as, but it's a try. Big Smile Smilie

By the way: it says "with a little help from Plastic Squirrel), but what you should read is: "with a lot of help by Plastic Squirrel". It sounded ok at first to me, but now it's just perfect I think. Thanks man! Orc Grinning Smilie
I have way too much free time, so I've started spoofing the very first chapter of LOTR. Cool Smilie
I have nowhere near enough free time, which is why the long awaited Council of Elrond has only just appeared in the Fan writings section this morning. WooHoo! Share and Enjoy kiddies (and yet more apologies to JRR and the gods of good taste).
Not only can (but don't tell Allyssa) but must, I personally thoroughly encourage it. Of course it gets ****ed here, for the sake of good taste, but a full uncensored version usually makes it up at Squirrelworld. Please go for your life Inder. Smile Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie Oooh goody! Must go and read the Council then! Big Smile Smilie
Read Smilie ROFLMAO!!! OMG I nearly died in it! Big Laugh Smilie
Yeah, I mailed you about it (I think) I liked it a lot, and don't even have to add too much for once. (Just a couple of bits I had in mind for that bit myself). Check your e-mail Inder, there should be one from me in there.
Arwen, I would love to read your writing. Big Smile Smilie

I used to be shy about showing my work to people too, but I found that once I did, I learned twice as much again about writing. Constructive criticism is extremely useful, as long as you don't take it to heart.

As another member once told me:
You can always ignore what you dont like - works for me
Plastic, I must say that your Council of Elrond has got to be the funniest thing i've read in my life...I was reading it at my PC in college and burst out in spontaneous laughter, needless to say I got a lot of strange looks from the people in my class. I printed it out for my friends to read and they loved it too!
I might try a bit of creative writing myself, but i don't know if I'll show it to anyone for fear of embarrasment.
Wow! /me blushes deeply.

Thanks ever so much Arwen. I'm glad I could bring a smile to your face.

And show us your writing, I'm the first to admit I'm rubbish, but I still keep on putting it out there.
Yeah, come on, join in the fun, Arwen! My writing is not good at all, but with a little help from a friend called PlasticSquirrel, you get anywhere. And even without it, don't be afraid to show us. Cool Smilie And that's a great quote, ally. May I ask who said that?
I have finished my spoof of "A long-expected party". But I don't have it here. Disturbed Smilie So you'll have to wait until next week. I'll send it to Plastic first, and since he won't be around much this week, I'd have to wait until next week anyway.
Ok Plastic if you read this, I pm you my spoof thingie. Mail's not working, so I had to pm you. Big Smile Smilie
Got it, gonna read it later...
Orc Grinning Smilie And when is that? Orc Grinning Smilie Kidding. Take your time. Maybe you've already emailed me, but thank to this wonderful ( Mad Smilie ) computer, I can't read my mails. So if you pm me an answer or post it here, at least I'll know something. Thanks!
Disturbed Smilie Silly me. Just when I posted this, I could read my mail. Big Smile Smilie And I have read yours.
Anything you reckon you've already got one great joke for, once you've got one, the rest come really easy. Though I'm still romping through Lothlorien myself, so I'm afraid I've got dibs on that one. Maybe something from TTT, we've not had a crack at that since the movie came out.
I thought inderjitsanghera had already done lothlorien, Plastic? Question Smilie I've never seen it up here though... Smile Smilie

I think I'll have a go at another chapter too soon... When I find the time, that is. Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, Inder did do it, but it wasn't erm.... very suitable. If you remember Inder at all you'll understand why. It had it's moments, very few, but it had some. I tell you what, I'll send you it, and what I did to try and save it, though Ally will tell you, even I had a few problems saving it...
I am sure you could improve it, Tommi. Big Smile Smilie
Yeah I just read it and hrmmm. What shall I say... It corresponds a little with what we have so far, but not enough I think. I'll tell you what, I'll have another go at it, and the things you saved already I can pick out, I guess, so I'll leave them as they are, but I'll have a go at the rest. I'll mail it to you when I finished it, to Plastic and Ally that is, I'm talking to you! Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie Animated Wink Smilie