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Hello, all of you, as some of you may have noticed, I added two more lyrics as journal entries, be sure to check them out, they're both quite different from both age and style, but my traditional essences of writing can be seen in both (I hope). Smile Smilie
Hi Oerath! Waving Hello Smilie Sorry I wasn't able to welcome you before.
The lyrics to the songs are very good, and the world you've created sounds fascinating. I've done a bit of that sort of thing myself, so it would be great to hear about it here or on another thread!
Greetings, Fornad, and nice to hear that you liked of them, also at some point I am going to write down the basic story of my mythology, which will help to understand more of the content of my lyrics. Have an enjoyable weekend, Fornad, and same goes to all of you others too. Smile Smilie
Well done Oerath!
I really enjoyed reading your latest posts.
Keep writing.Have a great weekend.
Many thanks, Odette, and I've to actually confirm that I write new lyrics/stories nearly every week, and I've currently something like 81 written ones, 10+ under process and a few that are half way there, but I don't write all the time, because I want to give some time to my works, and a few of my works lenghthen to size of a novel, 6-8+ pages. Smile Smilie
I published another, a bit longer work which I completed today by adding some additional sentences and information, it's called 'Of Glory and Bloodlust'. This thread shall serve from now on as my official information thread. Have a nice sunday all of you, and may all of thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back. - Oerath.
Hey it was kind of cool!Read it just now.I thought it was the same blood and gore thing but its quite a good read.It started off like "wars are bad" but then it took a Frankensteinic because it reminded me of Eru and Melkor and also God and Lucifer.nice.
Heh, thank you, Odette, and yes, it is like a mix of different lyrics, but in the end it works out finely. Smile Smilie
Evening, my friends, I decided once again to share something with you, and it's a new lyric (but I must admit that I wrote it already a long time ago) - so, enjoy, it can be found from the journal entry section. - Oerath.