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I have just read the story and found it (1) well-done and (2) interesting. The AuthorI knew where the story was going. I particularly liked the imaginative details about the Orcs' daily lives. They're trying to do the best they can with what they've got. Do they have a spiritual side, even a twisted elven spiritual side? I would love to see more. - Chathol-linn
Loved it Val!!! Especially the ending. I hope you will write some more stories like this...that was good. Smile Smilie Would have liked to see a reference to Celebrian...I have always thought that it would be interesting to see more of the orcs point of view towards Elves or "Golugs".

I think you should be careful with archaic words like "tarry" though. It is too pretty a word for an orc. I think orcs would "linger" or even "hang around". But I am just being picky.

I really enjoyed it. Very professional Big Smile Smilie

Keep it up. MORE MORE!!! Big Smile Smilie
Thumbs Up Smilie Excellent! From concept to execution very well done! And the ending WAS superb.
I would like to read this story. Can you repost it Val? Please?

Wiggle Smilie
Sorry Vee, I think my PC was down when you posted here, and I missed it when I came back online. Taz has taken the Fan Fiction section down but if you go to my own site, you will find it there.

Poor Grud....

Thanks for the link Val - I'm reading through them now... great stuff!

ps The Quest needs YOU!
Hey there Val ! Waving Hello Smilie

Well.... !!

Well, well, well !! Wiggle Smilie

I would like to make a point of mentioning something that may seem a little trivial, but I noticed about half way through reading the story...

The font size!! Wow. Like I said, not until I was half way through did I realise that my eyes were still focussing! lol

Usually when you go to read a piece of text - it is in bog standard 12pt. Excellent!! It makes reading much easier and more comfortable on the eyes! I don't know whether you had planned it that way, Val, but SUPER!!! I have 20/20 vision, but I'm sure as others read this they will agree - even having perfect eyesight - bigger text is much smoother!

Apart from that ... obviously... Story is fab. I honestly did NOT see it coming! I

Thank you, Val, for sharing! Read Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Read Smilie

Lass. x
I did deliberately make the font size larger, but it is only after going there from here that I really noticed just how much larger it is. I must make the page narrower at some stage though, so that you don't have to move your head from side to side as you read.

I'm pleased you liked it, by the way. Hopefully Taz will get the fan fiction section back on line soon, as I have a few newer stories that are not on my site (and I no longer have the software to update it).
Orc Grinning Smilie Taz has put the fan fiction section back again, so you can sample a selection of our stories from the likes of Plastic, Gnampie, Cathol-linn etc.