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Okay, this is a gift to all of you here in Planet Tolkien, I'm going to begin writings of my book-project, and I'll post the parts of it unto this thread, as I succeed to write more. Some of the acts are not so long, but they should be able to tell enough. I didn't plan to do this, but I can assure you that I'm more than happy to share this story with all of you, since it's going to be my longest up to date. Let it be a masterpiece!



The Gathering of Lost Spirits


Act I : The Creating of Netherworld


'And after the war had ended, three temples were built to honor the last creators of Netherworld. And these temples were named after three of the most powerful beings ever to live: Daernath of Crystal Rain, Caeron of Lost Stars and Thaeros of Timeless Moon. And these three beings were the last of those, who the mortals of this world used to call.. The Abyssal Lords.'

'But it hadn't always been that way.'

'Long ages ago, an unknown race found their way to a planet, which had no life upon it, and they decided to take the planet as their own. Their community was vast, and they all possessed different kind of powers, and had a very unusually long age, because they could live for thousands of years without aging at all. At first, they were called: 'The Lords of Nether', and they named the planet after themselves, and thus; The Netherworld was born.

'Their shared joy and peace lasted for many ages, but finally, a few of them decided to take the matters into their own hands, and all of the three took new names, and executed a plan that would drive all of the other Lords of Nether out of this world. And those three (Daernath, Caeron and Thaeros), they came to be known as: 'The Abyssal Lords.'

'And in all secret, those three developed weapons of great power, and learned new abilities and a way to control the energies of the abyss that surrounds The Netherworld. And not long after that, the great war began. The Abyssal Lords gained many servants and former Lords of Nether to fight by their side, but the original Lords of Nether were also very powerful, and they didn't want to leave without a fight. But after endless clashes between them and their servants, only thirty Lords of Nether remained, and they had to surrender and leave The Netherworld, and if they ever should return back, they would be shown no mercy.

After the war ended, they assured to their servants and to the other beings of The Netherworld, that they would rule wisely and peacefully, but like every snake, all of the three lied. Even though they continued to shape new lands and races from the elements of nature, their souls had been corrupted by the dark energies of The Abyss, and only time would show their true nature for all the dwellers in The Netherworld to see. They even built great temples, so everyone could go there to worship them, but those temples weren't designed to be sanctuaries or any of that matter..

They were created to be the final resting places for those, who decided to follow The Abyssal Lords..'

'But many of us still believe that one day the remaining Lords of Nether will return to claim back their planet, and only then this world will see it's final age.. The Age of Everlasting Peace.. But none knows if that day will arrive or not.'


Act II :  The Story of The High Priest of Daernath


Spoken by the shadow of a priest:
'Listen to the wind, my child, it wants us to find something..
Something that has been lost for over a thousand years..
Yes.. It used to be a temple.. Hidden from the eyes of mortals..
It always rained.. And sun never shone through those thick, dark blue clouds..
That darkness.. It frightened us.. And one day.. We all abandoned the temple..
But we lost something.. Something very important and precious..

We tried to unlock the secrets of crystal rain, but we all failed..
We tried to find the idol of timeless moon, but instead of finding it..'
We lost.. Ourselves..'

'But.. These three temples were abandoned and after hundreds of years had passed beyond the walls of time, none remembered the locations of them.. Save one.'

'We all used to wear the dark robes of whispering winds.. Yes.. They gave us will to sacrifice.. For more power.. We served Daernath.. He sent us to protect his temple.. He told us to steal the idol of timeless moon.. But we all failed.. And despite our failure, he told us that our lives would be spared.. But he lied.. And he ripped the souls from our bodies.. And devoured them with fury.. And after that, we had no choice, but to obey him.. No own will.. Eternal torment.. He ordered us to spend the rest of our lives inside the temple of crystal rain.. And he cursed us.. If we would ever try to escape.. Insanity would kill us.. Haunting shadows.. Beings without a name.. He had a secret.. But none of us knew it.. All of the other priests are now dead.. I've survived as a spiritual entity.. And now The Abyssal Lords exist no more, but the sources of their powers still do exist..'

'The Three Temples of Infinity..'


Act III : Death was his freedom


Our days were so cold.. Our bodies so weak and old..

No matter how many times we tried to escape.. Those shadows wouldn't let us to leave..

Their screams made our eyes to bleed.. Their whispers were more worse than any of our fears..

We found Daernath's mirror.. But I lost my eyes, when I looked at it.. It blinded us all..

Darkness took hold of our minds.. We tried to escape.. But there was no way out.. No doors to open..

Only broken glass.. And blood.. I died by the hand of one of our priests.. But I didn't die.. No..

I found a way to release my spirit..


I remembered that I had a child.. But she died too..

So, I resurrected her spirit.. And gave her a new form..

She told me that she wanted to defend this world from the powers of darkness.. She wanted to become a god..

And I wanted to grant her that wish.. So, I took her to The Temple of Lost Stars..

There the maiden of timeless moon helped her to fall into eternal sleep, and in time, she would be powerful enough to challenge the lady of shadows herself.. But before that day, she would've to reach a state, where her mind is linked with the natural energies of this world, and after that, those energies should heal all of her wounds, strengthen her senses and will, and give her nearly all of the powers of The Lords of Nether..

I never truly trusted any of the three lords, but Thaeros was the only one of them, who didn't want to harm any mortals, and thus, he left his most trusted servant to protect The Temple of Lost Stars.. Everlyn, The Maiden of Timeless Moon.. And as the former servant of Daernath, I asked her to forget her oath, and I told her the truth about The Abyssal Lords, and she decided to help us, and she also promised that if anyone else should come to seek her out, she'd gladly offer her help.

So, I left her there, and she cloaked a large part of this world as she fell asleep, and by doing so, she could stay hidden from the eyes of the lady of shadows.

I decided that I'd find The Temple of Crystal Rain..  And If I could gain Daernath's powers, I would be able to defeat his servants.. They're shadowy creatures, and wherever they roam, it always rains, and the air is too cold for any living being to breath..

But if she awakes before I complete my task, I may not be able to help her..

So, I must hurry before it's too late..


To be continued..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Oerath, this is amazing stuff! do you come up with this ?...I am lost for words ( a first for me, as you probably noticed)...haha..

It IS amazing Alana, I am without words to describe the clash of emotions I felt as I read on. Fear and despair were a couple, and yet a deep determination that our hero should overcome and deal with all that horror somehow.

Your pen is smoking Oerath. Oh and I had an actual dream about you probably two months or so ago. I never ususally dream aboujt anyone I know and yet I knew it was you. You were dressed in the garb of Turin or someone like that and you were at some sort of dignified Middle Earth ball or something, it was after all a dream and hard to explain. And you bowed and danced with someone and it was so very moving and when I awoke I had tears on my face. It seemed so real and I remember thinking how you were made to walk Middle Earth. Just thought I would share.

wow! i almost always get emotional due to dreams too. do you think it's normal... smashing story Oerath, where do you get your ideas from?????

Oh thank you very much, both of you! Smile Smilie

I'm very glad that it was readable, and I'm going to write next three acts as soon as possible.

I'll begin to write tonight, and I hope I can finish those three parts until this week is over.

Be seeing ya!

can't wait to read the rest! i myself write stories as a hobby but im not sure whether there good or whether they make sense!!

Dreams are the veil of very life, LadyAlyss. Dreams are like gateways that leads us as individuals into our own secret and unknown dimensions. So many doors to open, yet so few dare to try. Smile Smilie

Philosophy in some ways, anyway, I cannot really tell what are the true sources of my inspiration, but music has a very strong effect on what I write. But, darkness is the only thing that can boost my imagination to unseen heights. When I write, I usually do it without any kind of light in my room, atmosphere is very much needed in the work of a writer.

Emotional music, darkness, light, nature, all of the mentioned are very important.

I must say that I am very moved that this piece of story has gained so much positive critic.

I am not bestly suited to be an official writer, so I always doubt my own skills. Smile Smilie

And @Leelee: I am really speechless. Did you really saw such a dream? There I danced and smiled, brought dead flowers and trees back to life, and jumped into the stream of a river to gain the form of a giant fish? Smile Smilie

'And so he raised his hands into the air, glanced at the sun, waiting for it to give him a sign, and then the sun smiled from high above, and at that moment, winds calmed down and even though a small breeze blew past him, he knew that it was about time to change shape. And as a great and black crow, he took flight, spreaded his long and dark wings, and began to fly towards the heights of the cloudless sky. And smiling from high above the limits of the sky, he said to himself: Let it rain and pour, hear the nature's call, and let it purify your spirit, and may it give you the strength to go on, if you're about to fly more higher and far.'

I am so thankful for such kind words that I decided to write this short writing for you to read. Smile Smilie

- Oerath.

Oerath:I am speechless.In a way it has a very Oriental touch.It reminded me of The Silmarillion along with bits of Avatar.You know after your done writing this,I think you should make this into a picture book.

Like 300.This is too good stuff and thanks for sharing with us.Awaiting more with bated breath.

And all of you..Leels,Alana,and others in this thread..a big HOLASmile Smilie

@ Odette, it's good to see you around! And by the way, I just noticed your message, and I'll reply to it as soon as possible. I also have a few more news: I am going to write more parts to my story tonight, and continue it by tomorrow, but when the mighty monday finally arrives, I've to start out with my 'summer job', which will last for over two months, so, I won't be here all the time, but I try to come here as often as possible.

Cheers and have a good day. - Oerath.

@ Odette; I am really glad even you liked of it, and I'll assure you that I won't drop out this project. Smile Smilie

So, many thanks to you too, my dear friend, and may we see on fb during the near days.

You GO boy. Terrific!  And hugs to the rest of you, how I wish we could meet over lunch and just share. sigh..........

Oerath: Do not inbox me on PT.Mail me or inbox me on FB.See you around.Somewhere on the net lol.

Leels:Yeah that would be great.But then PT wouldn't remain so magical,would it?Smile Smilie

@ Odette: Oh, I didn't even remember you didn't want to be mailed here at PT, but well, did you get/read my message, 'cause it was meant to be a cheer-up! Smile Smilie

Anyway, I haven't been able to progress with the second part of my tale, 'cause as I told, I've a job now, and it will last for over two months, so bear with me, dear friends.

I am going to write something tonight, and with a bit of luck and raging winds of pure inspiration, I'm going to succeed!

Have a nice evening, all of ya!

A job in this world is very important Oerath, and your work is worth waiting for. Be at peace.

My little Odette, I disagree, most of the magic in Middle-Earth was the fellowshipping of elves, dwarves and the rest. Else it is just a bunch of us isolated. No, I think the magic would still be there.

@Oerath:Congratulations for the job.I got an email notification of your message but didn't find it on yeah never got your message.Take your time and keep writing.Take careSmile Smilie

@Leels:I think your right but anonymity lends a certain mystery to everything.If we all met at a cafe and spoke,what would be the purpose of PT?We are all magical creatures here.Imagine how sad it would be to find that we are actually normal people?Big Smile Smilie

Well, in my opinion we should really arrange that kind of meeting, 'cause I would be very glad to meet many of you in real life.

As you may know, I am quite ordinary fellow by myself, but appearances mean nothing. What truly means, is all of the knowledge and skill that each of us carries in our hearts.

We're all gods in our own ways.

'If you're afraid to look forward into the future of your life, then look back into the shades of your past, and recall all of those glorious deeds and acts of valor that you've done during your life. And only then you'll realize that life is now, and it doesn't wish to wait. It wants to go forward in progress, it wants to forget both the past and the future, and what it truly wants, is that we all would be able to live our current lives without any regrets.'

Beautifully said, our hero!

I just came back to home from work, and I realized something..

It has been almost two weeks, since I posted the first part of my tale, and I'm proud to announce that I've more in my pocket, even now as we speak. Wink Smilie

I've some parts as ready, and tomorrow I'll use quite a bunch of quality time to write more.

PS. A new lyrical song in order to support the series will be featured in the next part. (It'll be third one.)

If you did read the first part, then you'll probably realize the meaning of that song.

But you all have to be quite clever to catch it, 'cause I will put it into flow of the main story itself.


So, good night to all of you.

I've delayed this moment for far too long, and now it's time to act.

Daernath of Crystal Rain once spoke these following words:

'A heart that bleeds is not valuable to anyone, but a heart that is full of life and desires to rage on wildly and without limits, has earned all of my respect and protection, and those who possess the heart of iron, are allowed to come into my service, 'cause they're something different.. They're perfect for my ideals and purposes.. And their souls shall be mine, and their minds will be corrupted and destroyed forever!'

Act IV : One success leads to nothing, but chaos

'After The War of Nether and Abyss ended, the world itself was broken. All of the lands and forests had been nearly torn apart, all in the name of The Abyssal Lords. None of the three were satisfied to the outcome of that war, but they all knew it had to be done. They had vanquished all of the Lords of Nether, and now yet their most important decision laid before them; they had to shape the world and create it anew.'

'It all went well for the start, all of three worked together, and despite their true purposes and ideas, they all came to an agreement that they had to do this for sake of The Netherworld and it's inhabitant. Daernath brought forests back to life, he shaped new mountains from ruins of the former ones, and then he opened his mouth, and water poured from inside him, and from that water he formed lakes, oceans and even long rivers. Caeron built great cities and monuments, and he even went so far that he decided to use the impure energies of The Abyss, so he could forge elemental statues and artifacts of power. And Thaeros, well, he did his own share, but since he had always been only one of those three, who didn't want to hurt anyone until it was necessary to do so, and at tims, he even showed signs of compassion and caring towards them, which didn't please the other Abyssal Lords that much, and in life he had only one weakness;

His desire to sleep with mortal women.'

'And one day, when both Daernath and Caeron were at their temples, Thaeros descended forth from beyond the clouds, for you see, he lived on a small planet, which he had shaped from broken pieces of a fallen star. And that planet was and is still known as 'The Skyward'.'

'Then he went to a nearby town, and disguised himself as a knight, and soon enough, he found some company. A mortal woman called 'Lyrial' noticed his presence and thought that this would be the chance of her life. She had been unlucky in love, and since she was just a maid, she wanted to try her luck with this unknown knight.'

'And so, Thaeros and Lyrial eventually ended up together, and they went to a local inn, where they stayed over the night. And when the morning sun arose back to the sky, Thaeros knew it was his time to go. He had ignored all of his duties and responsibilities, and he also knew that Daernath and Caeron wouldn't be happy about it. So, he said goodbye to Lyrial, and promised that the two would meet again.

'And then he left, and broke the spell of disguise, and thus, returned back to his own glorious form, but there was something that he had entirely forgotten..'

'The Law of Nethers states that if one of the lords takes a mortal woman as his own and sleeps with her, then the offspring of that union will be granted a very strange gift..

'When he/she grows up to a certain age, he/she will be able to gain all of her father's powers, and even something more sinister and evil.. A will to control the unknown beings of The Abyss.'


Act V : Dream is a path that you must walk


'It has been weeks.. No.. It has been months since I heard from Everlyn, her guardian.. So, I assume that I just need to wait..

I am not desperate, but if I don't even know will my own daughter survive, then this journey is doomed to fail.. Because if she dies.. This world will be without any hope.. And if she really dies, then my world will break and be torn apart, and nothing in this whole universe could ever heal that pain..

Back to the forest of echoes

I've wandered in this dark forest for nearly seven days, and though I cannot sense the presence of Daernath's servants, it would be foolish to think that they are not following me..

Last night I saw a very strange and haunting dream.. We were running away.. My daughter.. She choose the same path than she did in real life, but when I examined that dream, I noticed that something was different.. Something impossible..

In my dream, the shadows were not after me.. They were hunting my daughter.. And even if it wasn't a clear dream or even a nightmare, it was a very powerful sign..


Songs of the Abyss: Part I : Dream is a path that you must walk


They won't let you to sleep, my child.. They want to end the flow of time.. Blacken the moon..
No.. They want to silence the messenger.. Let his face touch the burning sky.. Eternal suffering..
Even if they come for you.. You won't die.. Your blood is a gift.. A locked secret.. No key..
But still, they wouldn't ever dare to harm you.. Just open the door of your dreams.. And walk..
If you fall into the depths of this nightmare.. Do you know the temple of lost stars.. I'll guide your way.. There's no need to come back.. we cannot return.. Do you hear me..
Do you hear the cries of those crows? They want to follow you..

None of them deserves to live a life that they don't even want to spend..
Their only desire is to walk in the darkness.. They abandoned the light.. Threw it away..
And now they want to embrace the shadows that only wish to drain souls of mortal men..
Empty shells.. Empty dreams.. The hollow of all thoughts.. So corrupted.. So weak..

Seal their fates.. Seal the fates of them all.. End their despairing madness and let them to hear your voice.. a voice that is the light of sun, a voice that is the darkness of moon, and once again, you'll speak with words greater than any god, and then you'll show us that this sky is black, not red.. Even though you once said to me: 'Run.. Run away from the burning hands.. If they touch you.. You'll become a piece of this sky.. A puzzle that cannot be completed..'
I still doubt your words.. I shouldn't doubt your words.. None should ever doubt.. Or lie..
If I speak the words of absolute truth.. Will those be last or first words.. Of this life?

And I believe you.. But do you believe that you're the only one who can look into the mirror of forgotten souls.. If you do, then you must know.. I once tried to look.. Now my eyes won't open.. Still, I'm not blind.. With the powers of my mind.. I can see.. And I hope that you understand.. We've no time.. The lady who's dressed in emerald robe.. She is now here..
Cast the spell of eternity.. We must find a path to the garden of crystallized flowers..
It'll lead us to that temple.. Yes it will..

'This is the temple of lost stars.. Here you'll rest until it's your time..
Woman in the emerald robe.. The colour of her robe isn't really green as emerald..
It's black as a crow..'

Sands will move from your path, if you wave your hand once..
Oceans will move from the sight of your eyes, if you wave your hand twice..
The impure and dark spirit of night will be released, if you wave your hand for third times..
Do you want to become one with that spirit? Will you then dream for eternity?
I don't sleep.. I'm not from this world.. Neither are you.. But still..

You want to be a god.. And to be a god.. You must lay down to eternal rest..
Be alone, my child.. Cloak us all with the void of your dream..
And I'll wake you, when the sky is finally black.. When this realm is theirs no more..
I'll wake you, when you've taken back all of your dreams..
I'll wake you, when you've become a god..

And remember, my child. Dream is a path that you must walk, and though you've already chosen your own fate, you must still remember those words, or you won't ever be able to reach the state of pure immortality..


Act VI : Journey of the Land's End


As I kept wandering forward in that dark and gloomy forest, I wondered that what happened to the eleven men, who rode through the darkest of all of nights and performed the cruelest of all deeds, 'cause when the lady of shadows took their souls as her price of loyalty, none saw any of those men again.

It doesn't matter much, but it has bothered me for countless of years, and now I want to find out the truth..


Songs of the Abyss : A journey of the land's end


'Follow the trails of these horsemen.. Follow the path of eternal death.'

Silently as the wind, they came from the woods long forgotten
the nameless horsemen, servants of the dark side of night
Distorted and hollow voices followed them like burning arrows
and their black horses' frigid neighs had a strong scent of death

Rain was colder than the ice of mountains, the sky was dead and pale
on the path of rotting trees, the shadows danced without end
Ruins of old chapel, there it lied in the embrace of soil and roots
nothing was left of it's glory, everything had been burned to ground

Their horses recognized the smell of flesh, a corpse in the black river
it satisfied their endless hunger for a short moment..
and deeper into the heart of forest they rode..
Something awoke from the shadows of that forest, beings without a name
they followed the horsemen, everything blackened and died on their trail

Air was colder than mist that slowly arose from the threatening swamps
it surrounded all of the living trees and animals, a trap eternally dark
The horsemen and their servants, they looked at the old and grim tower
dark chanting and fading light of candle, it could be heard and seen there

And as they mounted their horses, dark clouds began to engulf the moon
one by one stars dropped down from the sky, as they entered the tower..
A ring of flames and darkness, there they all spoke the forbidden words..
and at that moment, all light vanished from this world..
And so.. The Lady of Shadows finally awoke..

'And there she stood.. Taller than any man.. Darker than any night..
More beautiful than any mortal woman could ever be.. But still..
She has no heart.. She has no soul.. No spirit to lose.. Nothing to mourn..
Her words are poison.. Her thoughts are like empty promises..
Still.. Those who seek her out for more power.. They're not blind..
Because.. She is not from this world.. She is entirely different.. She is more darker than any being could ever be.'

And then..

She placed her hands upon their souls, and drained them empty from inside
and their faces began to fade into the home of oblivion
All of the eleven men clad in black, they desired for more suffering
becoming a twilight spirit was their fate, their true calling

And after that night, the eleven men were no more
only their spirits remained, because their bodies were too weak to go on the lady of shadows disappeared again, and the tower was left in all silence..

Barren and dark was the sight of it all..
True and cursed was the journey of the land's end..

'For those who would wish to hear the truth, let it be known..
 Even Her existence is forbidden.. and Her name cannot be spoken in any tongue... And those who are foolish enough to speak out her name..
They will be silenced.. forever..'


To be continued..


PS. I decided to put the first two songs into this lyric, 'cause there will be a total of 6-7 of them, and though many of you have read at least three of those, it's never bad to take a closer look at the text itself. Wink Smilie - Third part will be written during the next 1-2 weeks, and it will contain lots of lore etc.

Didn't anyone notice that I had posted a second part of story?

Anyway, it doesn't matter that much, 'cause this part was quite simple, it only contained more information on Thaeros and a little about the other two abyssal lords.

Next one shall be more interesting. Smile Smilie

I will begin to work on it when the midsummer finally arrives.

Oerath, dearest, you must realize that your work is so often extremely complicated and dark and heavy and sometimes the imagery you weave resembles another because it weaves a picture so if someone did not notice it is because we are not at your level!

I do not like that woman!. But I did like very much the imagery of the roots and such embracing the burned out church, lovely. And that is a terrible strange gift to give offspring that did nothing save being born.

Heh, 'The Lady of Shadows' is one of the many names of that girl, who yet hasn't even born.

And well, it is indeed a very strange gift, but since he doesn't even know of it, and to be said, there has to be some key or event that could release her hidden powers, once she reaches the certain age, and it won't be easy task, since mastering the powers of a lord of nether is like trying to master all of the languages of the world in one day.

But, I shall not speak more. ^^

And Leelee, who knows if I was truly born in the abyssal depths of the netherworld!

no never, not you, for your words are lofty even if the subject matter is dark, and remember I saw you dancing in the moonlight, lighter than any Elven feet you had and it made me cry.

I've decided to increase my activity, and re-activate this thread again. It was a matter of choice between whether to continue Arcadian-tales or this one, and I thought that this is the best choice to make.

So, there's still 'The secret of three graves', which I will continue, though I've kept some break from it. Only four chapters so far, but oh, there will be plenty of those.

As for 'the queen of white sorrow and frozen tears', I will strive to dot down all of the material that I've been writing during working days, so, let's see what comes of it. I still have to figure out some empty holes in the story-line, but it will be fine.

Back to 'The gathering of lost spirits'. I've to check out my notes and re-read the parts I posted during last summer. I still remember most of what I had in mind for this project, but I've to write some of it all over again, so next week should be a surprisingly rewarding week. Lots of incoming writing from me, I'd say, so be ready for that!

- Oerath.

One more thing. Shouts like these always deserve a reply of their own. So..


Finally, I finally get to do an reply unto this old thread! Damn. Nice. Greetings all of you, I hope you're all well! I wanna share a story with you. It's these days 'The Gathering of the Spirits', going to settle to that. This will probably be followed by 2-3 parts, containing 2 acts each, just like in this one. Oh well, here you go! Oerath bows, and leaves the hall. The Gathering of the Spirits A Dark Fantasy Tale Act I : the Beginning of the End Once upon a dark time, a mythical race of higher beings called: 'the Astral Lords of Darbeian', found their otherworldly mysterious way to this then very quiet galaxy. And while other forms of life were merely at the dawn of their history, these beings had already traveled among the stars for untold billions of light years, journeying forth from galaxy to another in search of a suitable planet, upon which they could finally settle down, and build there a new; glorious kingdom. And like it was meant to be, they finally found one very interesting planet in a small galaxy soon enough. It was a strange one indeed, for in it's space it only had one gigantic; dark blue colored planet, of what three mystically glowing green rings surrounded.. And almost next to it, still nearly nine hundred thousand light years away, seemed to be a horrible rift in the very fabric of space and time. A most abnormal, and dark entity they came to call: 'Maw of the Abyss'. It's existence, however, did not then even seem to concern them, for there was no thing called fear, and in their awe and might they wouldn't ever have to draw energy from such a vile thing. And it was therefore chosen, that the black mass of darkness, eyes and teeth would be left untouched, for the planet they had chose was so rich in everything, that what need they had for whatever powers the thing could possess, if anything at all. They now had forests, lakes, hills, lands, mountains and oceans, and plenty of material. Was there even a need for anything else? They had finally found a new home for themselves. There, however, already lived a primitive race called 'the Mortal Kind', but they seemed to accept the arrival of these new beings with a warm heart back then.. Though how could've they known what an error it would be.. For in time.. Everything.. Would be brought down to the ground.. Let me ask this of you. Some of them started to feel it an temptation far too great to leave Maw of the Abyss untouched. So, what would've you done in their place, I wonder.. Would you have torn the whole planet asunder, shattered it to three large pieces, and then transformed each of them dramatically to your own end.. Would you have turned against your own kind, and then enslaved the rest, robbed them off their physical forms, and devoured on their very existence! No.. I don't believe you could do such a thing.. I can see it from your eyes.. Your innocence in this matter.. Is pure.. Oh, how I wish there was a way to restore this planet to it's former glory.. Sadly there currently is none.. So right now, our days are dark and full of unspeakable doom. Some plans are just bound to fail.. I mean, more power is indeed more power.. Why shouldn't we ask from that Maw over there for help.. Maybe it'd let us draw energy from itself.. Just for a little while.. How things ever even reached this point? Well, at first.. The whole nature of the planet flourished, everything was right in the world, and for five thousand years, the Astral Lords lived in peace together with the Mortal Kind. But then one day, it all suddenly changed for worse. In all secrecy, a circle of three lords had been formed over course of the long years. Three lords, who shared same ideals and ambitions too great. And little did the others know of this.. But what in the existence could've corrupted those three.. Well, what other than 'Maw of the Abyss', for there was always more to the cursed thing, than meets the eye. It had sensed the growing temptations of those three, and thus it had kept appearing to them in their visions and dreams for hundreds of years. It was always about more power, so it sure knew what it was offering. Influence, corruption and power. And they surely didn't do much to turn down it's most generous offer. The sluggish thing seemed almost happy to let them use it's dark energy. But sooner than they even realized it, they were addicted to it. And so it slowly found it's way into their minds, and began to feed on their thoughts, darkening their picture about the world, and how it should look, be, everything. So, even in it's in-active state, it had managed to corrupt them rotten of core, and empty their minds off all reason and emotion. And it continued to give them more power, until they had become so drunk of it, that they now saw only eternal dominance over the Mortal Kind ahead of them. Destruction would be their only option. And so it was decided, that all three would take physical forms, and use bodies of the Mortal Kind to make themselves complete. And they wouldn't just settle to break a few of them. They would all be reduced to exist as mere spirits, divided into two categories: Greater and Lesser, of which some of Greater would even become the demigods of these three self-proclaimed gods, who now ruled supreme over all. And speaking of today, chaos still rules in this world, which was shattered a long time ago. It's three realms have slowly been re-designed, of which each is now guarded by numerous Chaotic Greater Spirits, demigods of the Abyssal Lords, who in all their greatness even took to themselves these following names and titles: Daernath of Crystal Rain, Caeron of Lost Stars and Thaeros of Timeless Moon. Do not forget these names. They're your enemies. And these are the Realms: Valorev'iil - the Tormented Realm of the Spirits Sar'thoekath - the Chaotic Fire Realm of the Abyssal Lords Faer'lokhen - the Collapsed Realm of the Astral Lords of Old Each of them rules over one of the mentioned realms, or planets, and though they visit one another's realms from time to time, Sar'thoekath still serves as the main base of all their operations. It is also a home to some Greater spirits. All of the realms, rich in detail, were designed to uphold a myth about the three being gods, who could never be vanquished. And so, great temples were built in each of the three realms among other magnificent structures of unearthly stone in their honor, for what other choice did we even have back then.. But by now, you must already be wondering what truly happened to the Astral Lords? Well, let me tell you something.. About the swift War of the Nether, in which the future of Darbeian was settled once and for all. The actions of Daernath, Caeron and Thaeros were quickly noticed, once they began to show significant signs of absence in their important meetings. And not long after that, the Abyssal Lords already began their swift, and all powerful attack. And the war itself didn't last for long, for they had gained so much power from Maw of the Abyss, that they easily broke the Astral Lords, and then trapped them inside a long dream of eternity. A cursed state, one from which there is only one way to break free.. The realm itself must be destroyed by a being equal in power to the one, who cast the spell in the first place. In this case, whom, 'cause there were three of them. So, who could possess such power other than those three now? And the Astral Lords never really died.. They're just trapped inside that dream, waiting for a miracle to occur.. Struggling to get out, but they just can only watch.. As their once beautiful world is being torn apart piece by piece.. And so the war had indeed ended before it had even began, and in the hour of their triumph and victory, Daernath, Caeron and Thaeros assured to all of the remaining spirits of Darbeian, that they would rule wisely and peacefully from now on, but like every two-faced snake, all of the three lied. How could we possibly forget.. And even though they indeed continued to shape the lands anew, their souls had now been fully corrupted by dark energy of Maw of the Abyss.. They would come to pay for all of this.. They'd even want it all be forgotten.. Sure they would.. Things won't end up well for any of us, if they're given more time. I have no other choice, but to quickly set my cunning plan in motion. My name is.. Agravyn, I believe. And fear not, I may not recall all of my memories, but I still remember this for certain though.. I used to be the high priest at the great temple of Daernath over the Realm of Sar'thoekath. I.. Oh yes, how could I forget to mention something like that.. In the end, I guess there is one person, who could save us. But she is far from done walking her path; the dream she chose to conquer. Act II : Memories of Agravyn.. Our days were so cold.. Our bodies so weak and old.. No matter how many times we tried to escape.. His greater spirits; those shadows wouldn't let us leave.. Their screams made our eyes to bleed.. Their whispers made us feel worse than any of our nightmares.. We were blinded by his bottomless power.. Darkness took hold of our minds.. Yes.. We tried to escape many times.. Did I already tell you that.. Yes.. I think I am mad.. I learned to battle it.. I learned.. I fought with bravery.. Until I finally succeeded.. And so I finally found a way to release myself from their seemingly eternal grip.. I now truly remembered I had a child.. A daughter, and I know what has become of her.. I need to resurrect her spirit with my powers.. And give her a new form.. But in the process, I shall be reduced from Greater to Lesser in status, thus I'll lose my power over visions and dreams.. This is, however, a sacrifice I am willing to make.. Because I am going to transfer all of my abilities to her.. For long ago, she told me that she would one day help the Astral Lords break free from their dream.. She said she'd be the one to awake them, and that she'd become a goddess in order to do so.. I say.. Her time has come.. And so, with all my strength and heart, I brought her spirit back to life, and took her to a secret place, a temple concealed with a cloak of spirit magic. And there one of my only friends and allies, the Emerald Maiden from the Temple of Timeless Moon helped her to fall into a dream of eternity. And I hope, that in time, she'll learn how to control her new abilities, and manage to locate and free the Astral Lords, who would then together rise to fight for the future of our broken world. So as of now, she is our best hope. To be continued..