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Hi ’ just read The Watcher in the Water this weekend. I thought it was good, and much better than most stories on the Internet. What I liked about it is that Valedhelgwath has captured the characters of Dwarves and made them seem realistic. Valedhelgwath does this with both prose and with dialog (although I agree with an earlier comment that ’okay’ is out of place. But that is just one word.)

One thing ’ Valedhelgwath uses the adverb ’slightly’ and I find that it weakens and qualifies the action. It is at odds with the sturdy characters presented. I doubt these Dwarves did anything slightly. But please take this as a featherweight criticism; the story works well.

It certainly captured my attention and interest. So many fanficts seem to be miles of snappy dialog and no action; no story. It’s like the postAuthorIDs hope if they keep the characters talking long enough, something will happen. Valedhelgwath uses real action and I enjoyed it immensely. I’m glad someone is writing about the Dwarves and I would like to see more of Valedhelgwath’s insight into their culture and characters. Good job! What’s next? Regards ’ Chathol-linn
What's next? Regards - Chathol-linn
I finished a story yesterday set in the Shire featuring the Rangers and the Sons of Elrond. Allyssa and Rednell have been sent copies to pass around the relevant people, and hopefully soon it will be given the go ahead to be posted.

You got any more Legolas stories for us?

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