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Hello my dear Tolkien fans! I have just finished work on a short film based on Beren and Luthien - would love it if you could have a look! It can be found here: Thank you! Josh

Hi, would love to however the link is invalid....  Can you please repost.


Hey Brego,

Try this:

Thank you!



Great Job Joshua!  I really think you captured some of the class and depth required to attempt Tolkien.  Good on you!! 

It had a good sense of noble behaviour in the hero, the scenery beautiful and the characters interesting and lovely to watch. I would flesh it out, bring more depth to the characters, but it was quite wonderful.

Thank you for your comments guys!


Leelee, believe me I would loved to have had the budget to flesh it out, but alas, we were only able to put about 25 mins together, so the majority of the concept phase was trying to see how we could fit B & L inside half an hour, but yeah, I totally agree with you!

I understood that , i was just making the comment of what separates good from immortal as it were. Were you to see to that, with your talent and that noble sweetness that came across, something pure like that which emanates from the Elves and Aragorn and the rest of the heroes, why then i would probably prefer to go to a movie that you and your company created as opposed to even a Peter Jackson because I would be very curious to see your treatment of a work with the proper funding.

I admire all the work that went into that and thank you for bringing it to our attention.