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Hi everybody. I am a huge fan of some Russian JRRT fics. I think it's disaster that international Tolkien society is not acquainted with them. If I translate some of them (with permission of authors, of course) and post here, will it be proper? What would yoy say? Thanks.

Hi! Sounds long as the council is okay with it of course. But I would look forward to reading them.



Er... The Council will share opinions here?

I read the "fan fiction" version of a English translated LOTR which was written from Saurons point of view. Cant remember what it was called but it wasnt very good. Could have been lost in translation tho.

This one?

I haven't red the translation, since I dislike the work itself. But I will, just to evaluate the quality of translation.

Here, there is an afterword from the author:

I just wonder what to do - translate humorous fic "Some orc's diary' by Farit Akhmedzhanov, or to write a review on the most prominent Russian fics? What would be more interesting?


Humour is the most dificult theme to translate even between English speaking countries. Us and British humour is very different and Australia and New Zealand different again.

That's why I contemplate particularly on the 'Orc's diary' - the humor there is situational, not language humor. There are much funnier fics, like Svirmarillion by late Alexey Sviridov, but they are hopelessly intranslatable.

I think it's ok. As long as you talk to the author about it. And when you have written something you always mention the original author. Because we don't want problems with copyright, even if it's only about Fan Fiction. Wink Smilie

Maybe you can post them as journal entries?!

As soon as I master the journal Smile Smilie