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Hi I'm making this thread because I'm currently in the process of writing a short story. I will be posting the story on this thread. I hope this thread doesn't go unnoticed, so if it doesn't please be sure to leave some feed back and what you think of it. I will probably post the prelude this weekend if anyone is interested! Thank you!
Hi again. I finished the prelude faster than I thought so I will probably be releasing it today for anyone who is interested.

I don't know the title yet but here is the prelude:



He stood still... very still, waiting to see if the silent torture would pass. A whole hour had gone by, yet he didn't hear a thing. Perched up on a tree and ten meters from the ground wasn't such a great idea, but it sure was a better one that roaming around the forest floor with that hideous creature tracking him.

      The only reason he still had a pulse and his organs were still in his body was because of the rain. It washed his human stench out of the air and cleared his tracks in the mud. The night also gave him more hiding options.

      After a while of hard thought he decided to descend from this enormous tree. All the while he climbed down, his head was coursing with thoughts of possible ways this creature could slay him: Using its giant claws to rip him to shreds. Bite his head of with its razor sharp teeth, or maybe- but he didn't get to finish that miserable thought because halfway through his decent he made the worst mistake of his life. He stepped on the weakest branch of the tree that gave way. A five meter fall onto a mass-covered rock and into the a river.

Next chapter released tomorrow probably.
I'm thinking about making it into a journal instead so the story will not go into this thread anymore it'll be in the journal section.