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The writing bug has bitten again and this time pretty hard by the feel of it. At least 5 of the ideas I've had over the years have smooshed themselves together to make what feels like quite a nice wee yarn. But it is complex and needs a lot ( a whole lot) of pre-planning. First thing i did was just write the very rough bones of the plot down so I don't forget it, and now I'm working on the world building side of it and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm struggling with unique and realistic sounding place names at the moment. I've tried using an online fantasy name generator but, to be frank, they're horrible. So what I'm trying now is to take place names I like the look and sound of from a particular county (France is the first one) and then mix them up a bit. I'm hoping that in doing it that way the names will all still seem like they belong together.(For each separate country I design) Does anyone know of another method? I really what realistic sounding names like Calis or Saint Clare or Hamilton or ChristChurch rather that the typical fantasy names like Arok or Blurk or what ever.
Combining names from the real world is a good idea if you want realistic sounding names like Lac de Saint Mandes. I have no clue who Mandes is, but lac is lake in French and that sounds kinda realistic. Just maybe do that. As for one word places that's challenging especially when you want it to sound like non mythical places.

Blurk. Been there, it's not as great as it sounds... but the hotels were reasonably priced.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself Smile Smilie