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This thread will serve as the thread for all of my 'Arcadianth' related stories/tales. More posts to follow in near future.

To readers: You can leave posts/feedback, but do not post any of story or poetry material here.

For that purpose, I tend to activate 'The Wanderer's Tavern', as soon as I've time to do so.

Thank you and I wish you all good reading times.

Let's start with 'The Black Horn'.

It's a very old piece of work and I just re-wrote it earlier this evening.

I hope the text is not too violent.



The Black Horn


'This short lyric tells small bits about Mógrah and his deeds.'


When he was young, he chose the path of wanderer

He traveled across Dorgost, the bloodred sea

And in the land of Ordaellon

The journey towards the twilights began

The journey of his dreams


And during his journey..


He even tamed the mighty unicorn, he even flew on the back of the phoenix

And one day, when he found the caverns of eternal darkness and freed all of the captured dragons


He became a hero, a legend who was feared even among the creatures of the mist

And all of the people praised his name

All of the people used to call him the god of fate

He was friendly towards everyone and his heart was full of joy...

But then one day, it all changed...


A great war came...

And all of his loved ones were slain...

He lost all of his beliefs, he lost his faith to this world...

He desired only for revenge and soon he became one with the death..


And so..


Everything good vanished from his own world

But to him it wasn’t even a curse

He now had a power to dominate all fates of the world, a power to sow the seeds of death

Like a creature born of darkness, like a fiery beast of the underworld

Like a shadow moving closer to the dancing flames

With intentions to cloak the world with darkness


'And soon, he gathered his own army and started an even greater war than the one that had taken his loved ones away. And then.. The night of terror arrived..'


And that night was full of death, he stole over thousands of souls

One by one, all of his foes fell into the depths and the shadows

Nothing couldn’t break his power, he hungered only for blood

None couldn't slay him, his fury was too much for even the gods


'And when there was none to challenge him, he looked at all of the dead bodies around him and declared his madness and fury to the whole world by saying the following words so loud that even the dead heard his words.'


Their souls I fed to my own sword and their flesh and bones filled every river and lake. From fire and thunder, this name was given to me.

Can’t you hear the pounding of my dead heart, can’t you hear my thundering voice echoing inside your head.

Wherever you go, you can’t escape my might.

I am Mógrah, The Lord of the Dead."


'And after the battle was won, he saddled his dark unicorn, Black Horn and rode on it's back into the night. And while he kept riding forth, everything died around him wherever he went.'


Can’t you still hear the chimes...

On his dark unicorn, he rides through the night

And the black horn’s eyes shine, it's eyes shine so far

Everything dies around him, wherever he goes

And the sky becomes so pale and cold, that you won't be able to see any stars


'Fortunately.. There is one person, who in time, should be able to rise against Mógrah. His name cannot be told, but following piece of text is a song that the free people of Arcadianth often sing, when they are out of hope.'


Where is the one, who will become The Woodland Wanderer's apprentice?

Where is the boy of fate.. Where is the bringer of light?

Where is the one, whose birth was prophecised?

Where is the one, who will save this world from the coming of the unending night?


'An ancient prophecy says that Mógrah's reign will end, when the first child of The Seven Fates will be born into his world. For it is said that he will become the apprentice of Oerath Windsoul, The Guardian of Woods and Lands. Together, they'll stop Mógrah and the world will become safe once again. And according to the prophecy, once defeated, Mógrah will remain as one of the four guardians, but he won't be able to use his powers for evil and he has to fulfill his duties as the guardian of the dead, thus watching over The Hollow Halls, like he used to do in the days of past.'

Written by: Otto ’Oerath Windsoul’ Timonen