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I forgot to mention, that Council also hopes to separate the Fan Writnings into catagories (just as soon as we can figure out how). We have so many items, that it is looking a little unpostThreadIDy. Suggestions for the sub-headings are "Young Writers", "Humour", "Poetry", "Non-Tolkien Fantasy" that sort of thing.

Its a bit tricky to set up, so could take a little time. Big Smile Smilie But will hopefully make it easier for readers to find what they want. Smile Smilie
I think the idea of a panel of reviwers is a good idea. Will you establish criteria for the submissions that are show-stopers, or "good to have"?

It is so much more meaningful to be published at a site that has standards. Good work, panel!

Great ideas! Smoke Smilie
Hi, Council of the Writers’ Guild!

Regarding your ideas of providing a review process for stories before posting them ’ I just ran across a group of folks on the Internet who has set up such a process.

It’s a Tolkien fan fiction site. It has show-stopper requirements that you must meet before they will even consider looking at your work. Their review process sounds anonymous and fair, and the standards are published. The administration seems well taken care of too.

Now part of the fun of setting up a Council is making the rules for yourselves. But if this site sounds of interest to you, let me know and I will give the URL.

Let me add that the site is strictly for publishing written works. It seems to have none of the other fun features of Planet-Tolkien. Best regards ’ Chathol-linn
Sounds interesting Chathol. I'll have a peep, if your willing.

Our Fan Writings section is still relatively small, but who knows when things get bigger? We may need some of these ideas :-)
Hi - I sent you an e-mail regarding that URL. Feel free to pass it along to the panel or not as you think best. Regards - Chathol-linn
Well If Your Looking For Writing Im Your Man! Eve Though I Have Never Done A LOTR Fan Fic Before I will try! did i mention i may be having one of my stories called "stonehedge" published in a magazine? i love writing so you will be seeing me around! Bye! Smoke Smilie

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We are delighted to have you with us Orimono. Smile Smilie