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Thread: My first LOTR story.

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Good start Misk, what's going to happen next?

-small spelling mistake: Pippin not Peppin Smile Smilie
Misk, I love your story. I can't wait to read more.
Got The Blues Smilie You're right, I will change it in the full document right away Smile Smilie.
Btw, no other spelling/typos in the document? Probably hundreds Tongue Smilie.

Thanks Smile Smilie. I hope I can write more ASAP, since I'm very late at home the whole week Sad Smilie.

It is an interesting story Misk. Smile Smilie

The only other spelling error I found was that the word in the second paragraph should be 'recognized'. Also there are a few problems with verb tenses and such, but that is to be expected with early drafts written in other than ones first language and will be easy for friend whose first language is English to correct. You may even be able to find such a friend at this site. Smile Smilie
I would like to read more of this story, Misk. As Grondy has already mentioned there are a few problems with the verbs. If you would like, you can e-mail your draft to me and I will correct the verb tenses and send it back to you for your approval. My e-mail is
Welcome to the Writer's Guild. Read Smilie
Or me, of course!