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Greetings, this is a new idea of mine. I finally started to follow this site's themes and ideals, and I've now created and written my second Tolkien inspired poetic work to-date.

And with great pleasure, I represent you: Tolkien Inspired Poetic Works.

I think that there can never be too many threads concerning poetry and writing in general, and I hope that this one will prove to be a very good one!

Unto this thread, you may throw anything Tolkien related writings, fan-fic, and whatever of the sort that comes into your mind.

I shall begin my journey, by posting the work I already uploaded as a journal 1-2 days ago.

And it's called 'Darker Tides'.

And remember: Tolkien is the word and law of this thread.

- Oerath Windsoul.

Darker Tides

Written by: Oerath Windsoul

He was standing on the high cliffs
Raging oceans lay below
His sister had just been carried away
By those dark waves of sorrow

He had nothing left, but one final deed
Glaurung was already nearing him
The cliff felt slippery beneath his trembling feet
But his trembling wasn't for fear, for his heart had ceased to pound; his thoughts had dimmed

And then he cried so loud and mighty
Unleashing all his fury upon the unsuspecting world
One man, one sword and one dragon; he had to claim his victory
He didn't trust to hope, for too long he had been walking in shadows; bearing a terrible curse

With vengeance, he dodged Glaurung's deadly firebreath
And penetrated it's scales and flesh with his black sword
And in terror and agony it shrieked; the gargantuan, wretched beast, then it fell unto it's death
But he, the man, fell down on his knees.. He didn't celebrate.. He didn't say another word..

Waves lashing the cliffside, his hair wet and filthy from water
His armor broken, pierced, blood flew along his tired body
His sister, the one he truly loved, lost and gone from the sight of her brother..
For the sake of her, he hoped.. That the waves would take her to the West; to the lands shrouded by mist.. To Valinor, of forgotten beauty and glory..

But he.. He wouldn't follow his sister to where she went..
For his sins were far too great, he wouldn't allow himself to live
Grinning and smiling at his black, accursed sword, Gurthang by it's name..
He asked from it, was it now happy.. And that would it accept one more death, for he indeed had one to give..

And gladly, it accepted his offer, and so he hit the sword deep unto soil of the battleground..
It's blade thirsted for blood, he fell upon it, embracing the sword's sharp blade.. And when his body was finally found..

They found him lying dead with his sword by his side..
Folk from a nearby village, they dug two graves, one for him and one for his lost sister..
While elsewhere, far away, upon a most unholy tower, a man sat on an iron throne..
But he wasn't the king, he was the enslaved; the prisoner, and now his visions had finally ended, but darker tides were upon him now..

Laughter echoed beside him.. Laughter of the dark one.. Morgoth Bauglir..
His curse had been fulfilled; it had beared fruit indeed.. And so he joyfully released the prisoner..
To wander upon Beleriand, alone forevermore.. Until death would come to retrieve him.. Until that moment, he could never see his children again.. Nevermore..

'And on those cliffs; at the place, where his daughter had thrown herself unto her possible death, and where his son had taken his own life. From there he found his mourning wife, dried out from inside, tired of her journey there, too weak to carry on. And upon their children's graves, a few words were spoken, but then his wife's spirit left the mortal plane, and faded into oblivion. And at that moment, the man, Húrin Thalion by name, was finally left alone. Tears he cried, tears of unimaginable pain. And the curse.. It was all over now.. But everything that had been declared, it all had proved to be true.. And every bit of joy that had once existed in his life.. It was all gone now.'

First, his own brother, kinsmen, fellow elven friends and now his whole family..
He wondered.. Would the people living in Beleriand ever be freed off Morgoth's cruel tyranny..

Well done Master Windsoul. Lovely retelling of one of the Evilist deed of The First Dark Lord.

Why thank you, Brego. I'm glad you enjoyed of reading it, for I wasn't frankly sure did I succeed in delivering enough good text in terms of Tolkien inspired material.

If requested, I've a second poetic work to share, but I think that I've given ya all enough reading for the time being. Smile Smilie

The work is called, surprisingly: 'Sauron's Wrath'.

I think I made it a little bit too much in his favor, but you know, you've to give in to the dark side from time to time. Wink Smilie

Hooray, another Oerath work!  I was trying to find a way to tell you that I really enjoyed the new poem you put in a new journal entry, then lo and behold, you put it in a new thread!  So here it is:  Wow, Oerath, I was in awe of your newest poem!  Death as usual, but...

Different somehow.  Including the fact that it's about Morgoth...shudder ;-)  But sometimes, embracing the dark side is a good way to write, and you have found the good way   It's also making me continue to read the Sil even faster!  Which is a miracle in and of itself    Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

I'm glad you too enjoyed of it, Nirwen! I'm surely having fun with these new things going on. I mean, I started to write Tolkien inspired material pretty much out of the blue, so at first, I didn't know what to expect of it myself.

But, it seems that it's going pretty good so far. Tomorrow, if I've time, I'll write something about Middle-Earth in general, maybe a little insight into it's wonderful lands and forests. Yeah, that would make some nice, relaxing poetry for once. Though you know, I wrote some pretty autumn-ish stuff and other things the other day. I've been writing a tad too much, I'd say.

But it's not necessarily a bad thing. I just have be on guard. I haven't worked this much for ages.

Also, it's superb if that actually boosted your reading of the Sil. And oh, writing about Morgoth. Well, nothing couldn't ever feel more natural a thing to do. I guess the fantasy me is a bit evil after all. ^^

Sauron's Wrath


Written by: Oerath Windsoul


Enough spears to blacken the sun

The orcs march forward, bringing dark clouds with them

Lightning bolts continue to strike the blood red horizon

The ancient evil has finally awakened


To lay claim upon these sacred lands

To leave nothing in his wake, but ash and charred bones

Though he could hold so much more power in his hands

But he's missing something, he's seeking for it

A ring of power, that would complete his rule once and for all


His dark riders on their rotten steeds pass through every town

While his black winged beasts and their masters continue

To observe the landscapes from high above

Men, who ride these foul beings, were once kings

Now they're nothing, but dreadful shadows

Enslaved spirits; reduced to hideous forms..

Still bearing their bloodied mortal crowns..


Many have formed an alliance with him

To spare their pitiful and weak lives; to not be consumed by darkness and flame

But he sees life in a very different way, through his eyes that are so dim

And full of such malevolence, that even the night bows down to him in shame


He was once the most trusted servant of Morgoth, the Dark One

Who strived to rule all of Beleriand with an iron fist

But they do not call the land by that name anymore, those times are long gone

And Morgoth rules no more, for his reign faced it's end...

When the others of his kind decided to interfere

The Valar they're called, and they live in a far distant land, protected by vast oceans and endless mist


But this time, it's up to the free people of Middle-Earth

That's the name this land goes by these days, these days so dark and pale

To prevent our world from being conquered, we all must be ready to fight 'till the last breath

And if it's death, who we shall meet, then so shall it be

Though I believe that the righteous should always prevail


From across the land, he seeks for the One Ring

From Mordor, his orcs ride forth on their war wargs

In the sky, see giant shadows with scaly wings

On the roads you tread, you may cross paths with one of his ringwraiths

One of the Nazgul, mortal kings of old, who move ever so quietly

Just like the whispering wind.. Ready to break you and your dreams

There's no escape in this land, which is full of wounds and scars

You can't find a hiding place from under this sky and it's cold nightstars


So.. Who is it..

Who dares to defy his rule and his wrath


Who truly carries the ring of power

That fact is unknown to him

He whose thoughts are dark; and whose intentions are not good


Atop a most evil and unholy tower

He stands on it's highest rim

Wearing a draconic battle-armor, a two-handed mace firmly resting in his hands

He's ready to announce the final command: 'Death to all, who would oppose my eternally dark rule!'


'For Sauron is my name!

And upon these lands I lay claim!

I shall cast my wrath upon you all; the undying flame

Which will burn you alive and devour on your very remains

And the grounds of this world shall be stained

The sky shall be painted

With your blood

I answer to none, but you all shall answer to me

So it shall come to be

For I am equally as powerful as a god!'