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So first off I hope Im doing this right.. BUT ok to the point. Im in a band, and we dont exactly have a name yet. Or any original work. We wanna be a cross between bluesy/rock/punk. Little off topic sorry. But so since some of my favorite bands have fantasy themed songs, I was hoping some of you wonderful folk could help me. We need a band name, nothing thats taken or going to get written up as copyright, and we need songs. So if you have some ideas, please leave them here or if you prefer to, email me at . So once again that would be a band name, and some poetic work that has a possibility of being turned into a song. Sorry in advance if Im posting wrong or anything! But Thank you for those who help!

Hi. there are a number of poetry threads on here. Perhaps check with the Author of the work.

Good luck.

Bamd name Men of The West....

Ahhh I love coming up with fantasy band names. Let's see for your style, hm...






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T.A. 3019 (Year the War of the Ring ended)


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I listen to tons of Tolkien-named or themed bands so copyright shouldn't be TOO much of an issue if they managed. Double check all of those just in case though. Definitely read through some of the poetry threads for potential lyrics or the story threads for inspiration. And if you have any questions about anything Tolkien just ask! We love to answer.