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This is a little recollection of what happened inbetween the Passing of the Grey Company and The Black Gate. I'm trying to keep it as similar to the language of Tolkien as possible, but after all, it's simply how I imagined it. I hope it is enjoyed. Also, if you feel up to it, post your own imaginings of other characters tales in this time period: perhaps Imrahil or maybe even Eowyn. Cheers guys Smile Smilie 

Aragorn drew the host onwards, into the great city of Pelargir. The grey company passed unhindered though the gate, which lay open. The hosts of the dead simply passed through the walls as ethereal beings. Onward Aragorn drew the company, to where the city met the great flowwing water of the Anduin river. The city was all but deserted. However, Legolas looked out into the mists of Ethir Anduin and beyond to the island of Tolfolas, where he perceived a great fleet flying black sails. Grimly he saw that plumes of billowing black smoke followed, the pillaging of Belfalas had begun. "A great armada of corsairs come hither and they bring with them the loot of Lebennin!" Swiftly, Aragorn ordered two of his kin to go forth and summon a new host of clansmen from Lamedon and Lebennin. Then to Halbarad and the sons of Elrond he ordered a search party to scout and secure the great city.

All this was done for Aragorn was alive with the wisdom and will of a King of Numenor, and the need of his people gave him strength and resolve. Then he ordered that the host of the dead hide from sight, so as to entice the corsairs into the city where they would meet their doom at the hand of oath-breakers, fuelled by the hope of redemption. Finally, he ordered no more. And he rested instead with Gimli son of Gloin and Legolas of the woodland realm. It would be their last moment of peace together and the final gathering of three hunters, before the fate of Middle Earth was to be decided...